“Time for You to Come Home for Christmas” QUIZ!!

Starring:  Alison Sweeney and Lucas Bryant

Released:  2019
Summary:  After her husband passed, a woman returns home and meets a veteran who is on his own journey, and as Christmas nears, they learn of a shared bond that leads to a Christmas miracle.
Image:  Crown Media


Hallmark Honors Veterans

Hallmark is known for honoring veterans by including patriotic story lines in several movies.
An air of mystery surrounds Jack’s purpose in joining a band over the holidays in Provincetown, Virginia.  He’s supposedly in town to meet a “friend.”  The dramatic irony is that he replaces Tyler as a guitarist for the band–Katherine’s deceased husband.  It takes him a while to connect the dots though.
The goal of Jack’s cryptic meetings with other townsfolk who have one of the 30 bicentennial pocket watches isn’t immediately obvious.  By the end, we find the medic who saved his life, and lost his pocket watch in the process, is Tyler.
Although Jack plans to find Tyler and return his watch, while expressing his deep gratitude, he ends up finding Katherine and falling love.
It’s a strange twist of fate, or a Christmas miracle if you prefer, that Katherine finally returns to Provincetown to spend the holidays with her family.  Memories of her life with Tyler haunt her.  All of her old stomping grounds are painful reminders of Tyler’s loss, so she has avoided coming home since his death.
Once Katherine learns of Jack’s connection to her husband, it’s like a sign that it’s okay for her to move on with her life and love again.


Did You Feel Any Sparks Between Katherine and Jack?

My spark-o-meter read “ZERO,” but you might feel differently.  Share your thoughts in the poll below.
Both actors being past their prime might have something to do with it.  Plus, despite Alison Sweeney following a strict diet, exercising, and only weighing 123-ish pounds, she looks like a beef cake compared to the other stick-people actresses on Hallmark.  She’s not heavy, so it must just be the way she carries her weight.  Even with her pretty eyes, styled hair, and feminine clothing, there’s an unappealing masculinity about her.
Lucas Bryant doesn’t help matters with his unemotional, dead-pan performance.  He doesn’t seem “into” this role.  His look is a hybrid of a young Mr. Rogers and Anthony Perkins, which voids any hotness appeal.
The story is good, but the lack of connection between the leads only earns this movie a 2/5 star rating in my book. ??
Sorry if that causes some of you a stroke.

“Very Happy Memories Can Be Sad Too”

Will doesn’t open up and share his feelings regarding the loss of his father.  He knows it makes his mom sad, so he bottles his emotions.  When Katherine catches him watching DVDs of his dad’s performances, it finally opens the door of communication between the two of them.

If you’ve ever lost someone close to you, you know that even the happy memories are both sad and bittersweet, just like Katherine admits.

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