The Virgin Suicides and Other Similar Movies

movies like the virgin sucides

The virgin sucides is not the only movie with the same premise. Other similar movies are American Beauty, Submarine, Ordinary People, and The Ice Storm. These movies have similar plots and acting styles. However, they are different in many aspects. This article will provide you with some insights into how similar these two films are.


Genres of films like the virgin sucides

The Virgin Suicides is a chilling thriller, set in a suburban home where five teenage girls are isolated by their parents. Although the house appears inviting on the outside, it soon turns into a nightmare. The girls are unable to leave the home, and they start to feel increasingly isolated and helpless.

While the film is not a comedy, the storyline is still touching and engrossing. It focuses on the struggles of young women who find it difficult to cope with the societal pressures that come with growing up. The film has multiple themes, including the coming-of-age process, overbearing parents, suburban life, and the loss of innocence.

The Virgin Suicides has been hailed as one of the best high school movies of all time. It is a well-crafted, mature work of art. It is set in suburban Detroit in the 1970s and follows the lives of five teenage girls. It is centered around the suicide attempt of the youngest of the girls, Cecilia. Despite her inexperience, her parents continue to closely monitor her and keep her confined at home.

The Virgin Suicides’ music is also an important part of the film. Using music to tell a story is integral to the experience, and Coppola’s use of music in the film makes this an excellent opportunity for interdisciplinary study. It also adds a touch of mystery and poetry to the story.

The novel by Jeffrey Eugenides and its film adaptation by Sofia Coppola is a provocative exploration of the role of female suicide. Both portray female suicide as a romantic act that asserts a woman’s agency. Suicide is an increasingly popular choice of means for women, and both the novel and the film both use the female body and female suicide as a powerful literary and cinematic trope.

Similar plots

Similar plots in movies like The Virgin Suicides include themes of suicide attempts and coming of age. The film also focuses on life in the suburbs and the issues of growing up with an overbearing parent. It also depicts the changing attitudes of adult society when a teen commits suicide.

The Virgin Suicides is Coppola’s debut feature film, and based on a bestseller by Jeffrey Eugenides. It follows the lives of five sisters from Lisbon, Portugal. This eloquent film explores the difficult struggles of teenage life and the pressures of stifling parents. The film also boasts beautiful cinematography by Edward Lachman, and a stunning score by the band Air.


One of the many ways to make a career in film is to act in movies like The Virgin Suicides. Based on a book by Jeffrey Eugenides, the film follows the lives of five young girls in 1970s suburbia. The film has a number of themes, including coming of age, suburban life, and suicide attempts. It also explores the idea of being an overbearing parent, and how an overbearing parent can have a profound effect on a young person’s life.

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