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Nantucket Noel Plot Summary 

During the Seaside Noel celebrations, Christina learns of a developer who is planning to tear down the wharf that is home to her toy store.  Tensions rise as she falls for the developer’s son, Andy.
Starring:  Sarah Power and Trevor Donovan
Image:  Crown Media

Nantucket Noel Is Based On This Book

Hallmark takes a sweeping creative license to cannibalize the novel upon which Nantucket Noel is based, but it works!
Nancy Thayer’s book, Let It Snow, is a story about Christina Antonioni’s landlord, Oscar Bittlesman, raising her rent to make continuing her business on the wharf nearly impossible.  Wink, Bittlesman’s granddaughter, is a frequent visitor in her toy store, and Andy just happens to be Wink’s handsome and eligible uncle (not father).
The book and the movie are significantly different, so if you enjoyed watching the 2021 premiere, snag yourself a copy of the novel.  You can find it here:

A More Realistic Ending

The ending of Nantucket Noel is a little different than Hallmark fans are accustomed to.  Typically, you would expect for Oscar Bittlesman to change his mind about tearing down the wharf to build a marina in its place, chalking up a victory for Christina.  Spoiler alert:  the ending isn’t wrapped in a neat bow like that in this movie.  Christina doesn’t get to keep her toy store on the wharf, even though it’s where she feels closest to her mom, but closing that chapter of her life opens up an even better one.
Particularly sweet is the parting shot of Christina enjoying Christmas dinner around the Bittlesman’s family table.  Family, love, laughs, conversation–it’s how humans are meant to connect.


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