Take This QUIZ On Hallmark’s “Christmas With The Darlings!”

Starring:  Katrina Law and Carlo Marks

Released:  2020

Summary:  After an assistant gives her final notice, she gets drawn into helping the younger brother of her wealthy boss as he looks after his orphaned nieces and nephew.

I want Katrina Law’s cheekbones.  Image: Crown Media


Younger Brother Syndrome

Max Darlington (Carlo Marks) acts like a rich, young playboy who is off having a good time while his older and more responsible brother, Charles (Steve Bacic) handles all the affairs of the family business.
Appearances aren’t always what they seem.
When Max learns he and Charles will be assuming a more active role as guardians of their orphaned nieces and nephew, Max reveals a side of himself no one, including Jessica (Katrina Law), has ever seen.
Max doesn’t support Charles’s idea of placing the children in boarding school, so after Jessica offers to watch the kids for a couple weeks, Max puts his plans for a winter trip on hold to stay and help.
As Jessica and Max spend more time together, she learns Max is far more in tune with the family business than he lets on.  She also sees he has a generous heart–Max has quietly contributed to charities within the community and has even helped at a local hospital.
Max takes his role as uncle very seriously and loves the kids as his own out of honor to his deceased brother with whom he had been very close.
When Max shares with Jessica that he’d actually like to have a more active role in his company, she encourages him to approach Charles about it.  Max is hesitant because Charles fluffs him off as the baby brother who would rather be playing than working.
How about the handsome Steve Bacic be our next leading Hallmark hunk? Image: Crown Media
Max proves Charles wrong with Mr. Lee–a businessman from Taiwan who hits it off with Max and wants Max to serve as lead on a business deal between the two companies.
How can Max play an active role in the lives of his nieces and nephew and pursue a relationship with Jessica if he has to move to Taiwan?  It’s Hallmark, so expect a happy ending.
Speaking of Taiwan, here’s a FUN FACTKatrina Law is Taiwanese from her mother’s side and German and Italian from her father’s side.  Want another fun fact?  If you noticed how much Emma and Abby look alike, it’s because they are sisters in real life.

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