Take This QUIZ On Hallmark’s “A Little Christmas Charm!”

Starring:  Ashley Greene Khoury and Brendan Penny

Released:  2020

Summary:  A jewelry designer finds a lost charm bracelet and teams up with an investigative reporter in the hopes of finding the owner and returning it by Christmas Eve.

Ashley Greene Khoury and Brendan Penny star in this 2020 Hallmark release, A Little Christmas Charm.  Image:  Crown Media


Has This Ever Happened To You?

We’ve all lost something at one time or another.  If we’re lucky, it’s been something inconsequential and replaceable, like a mitten or a cheap earring.
Maybe you’ve even purchased something at the self-check and forgotten to grab all your bags.  It’s such a relief when you call the store to find it’s at the front desk and not swiped by some dishonest customer who followed behind you.
Have you ever lost something valuable?  If so, be sure to share your experience in the comment section!
Some people have had diamonds drop out of their wedding ring setting in public pools, while others have panicked upon reaching for their wallet and finding an empty pocket.
It’s a sickening feeling that leaves a pit in your stomach and a heaviness on your heart.
Image:  Crown Media
A Little Christmas Charm is the story of Holly Hayes and Greg Matthews falling in love as they unite to find the owner of a beautiful charm bracelet.  Holly works in a retro clothing store–Vintage Village–and she finds the bracelet in the pocket of a donated coat.  She immediately realizes the owner never intended to part with the bracelet, so she makes it her mission to track down the person by Christmas Eve.
It ends up being a lot tougher than Holly thought, and every lead sends her to a dead-end.
Greg Matthews is a reporter who works for the paper, The Voice. Greg is in dire need of the perfect, heart-warming story for the holidays, so he offers his investigative journalism prowess to Holly, who is more than a little hesitant about accepting his help.


The Mystery Charms

Holly’s dad owns an engagement ring store, and he has a signature saying:


Jewelry should tell people something about you they don’t already know. 

That axiom might be applicable when it comes to certain jewelry pieces, but it’s not an accurate blanket statement.  If you have a birthstone in your jewelry, someone can deduce the month you were born.  A mother’s ring might reveal how many kids you have and what month they arrived.  A wedding ring shows you are not on the market, and certainly, as in this movie, a charm bracelet commemorates important events in a person’s life.
Otherwise, jewelry doesn’t always have a story.  Sorry, Hallmark.  Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches–many of those things are ornamentation devoid of any significant meaning.
Our would-be sleuthers examine each unique charm to trace its origin for clues to the owner’s identity.  SPOILER ALERT:  We learn the charm bracelet belongs to Yelena Davis.  She had once been in a ballet company, which explained the two Russian charms.  The bracelet was a gift from her husband, John.
John and Yelena are happy and relieved to get the charm bracelet returned–not creeped out at all that two people were hunting them down like game.
Holly and Greg return the charm bracelet to the rightful owners.  Image:  Crown Media
Do you boast a charm bracelet or necklace?  If you do, share with us what charms are included on your keepsake and explain their significance.


Who Would Date This Guy?

Brendan Penny might be a cutie pie, but first he knocks cake out of Holly’s hand, and then he asks her out on a date within one second of meeting her.  That is a little weird. She should have taken off running and screaming in the opposite direction.
The moral of this story:  don’t approach dating like a Hallmark movie.  Thoroughly vet all potential mates!
Brendan Penny–MEOW!  Image:  Crown Media

Do You Like Vintage Clothing?

Working in a vintage clothing store has given Holly a real knack for piecing together period outfits, which comes in handy when they enjoy a special evening out on a train.
Fashionistas add new flairs to old clothes and create outfits that pop.  It’s a talent not all of us possess.  If I tried putting together a vintage outfit, I would look like a street person from the slums.
Talented folks can take clothing from Goodwill and make them look trendy.  Are you one of those people who like breathing new life into retro clothing?  If so, share something about it in the comment section!

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A Little Christmas Charm Is Based On A Novel

Although die-hard fans loved A Little Christmas Charm, many admitted it was pretty dull.  Some even dared to label it a “sleeper.”
The story is based on the novel by Melissa Hill, so you may find the book more riveting than the movie.  Books have a lot more juicy details.

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