Movies Like Wrath of Man and Armored

movies like wrath of man

If you are looking for a good action movie that stars Jason Statham and Guy Ritchie, then check out Wrath of Man. The movie follows the mysterious H, who works for a security company and transports millions of dollars every week. H is not just hired for the job; he has his own mission.


Jason Statham

Fans of Jason Statham will be pleased to know that he continues to make excellent action movies. He is a veteran of the latter-day genre classics, like the Fast and Furious series. He has also appeared in romantic comedies and indie dramas. His career as a leading man has flourished with the success of his last few films, including Wrath of Man and Furious 7.

Fans of Statham will enjoy the hard-boiled action thriller, directed by Guy Ritchie. The film revolves around the mysterious driver of an armoured truck. It’s structured in chapters, moving back and forth through time to show different layers of the characters. Though the film is a bit thin on star power, it does improve with time. It has some serious moments, as well as some amusing moments.

Jason Statham plays crime kingpin H. His son is accidentally murdered by robbers. Now, Statham’s character vows to get his revenge on the robbers. While he does a decent job, his performance is a bit flat and parodic.

Guy Ritchie

You might be surprised to know that Guy Ritchie’s latest movie is based on a 2004 European heist drama called Cash Truck. It’s the director’s second collaboration with Jason Statham, the star of the James Bond reboot “Casino Royale.” While this film may not be as witty as some of Ritchie’s previous projects, it’s still a solid, hard-boiled action thriller.

“Wrath of Man” is one of the best Guy Ritchie films to date. It’s an atmospheric film with moody score by Christopher Benstead. The cast includes Holt McCallany, Jeffrey Donovan, Scott Eastwood, and Josh Hartnett. As a director, Ritchie brings a nonlinear narrative to life, and the star performance from Statham is nothing short of spectacular.

Statham plays both the protagonist and antagonist in Guy Ritchie movies. Statham’s character has an unnerving coldness that reminds one of Clint Eastwood in Sergio Leone’s westerns and Takeshi Kitano in pre-millennium yakuza films. Ritchie discovered Statham while selling fake goods in London, and needed to cast a con artist for Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

While Jason Statham may have a rough reputation, he’s a likable actor in Ritchie’s movies. He has played a variety of roles, from a wise-cracking Ahab in “The Meg” to the spiritual odyssey of “Revolver” – and he’s never disappointed as a leading man.

Jennifer Garner

Since the early 2000s, Jennifer Garner has been making headlines in the acting world. She has appeared in films that have received critical acclaim and have even become hits. She has appeared in movies such as Ghosts of Girlfriends Past and Dallas Buyers Club.

Her role in the romantic WWII drama, John Wick, has garnered a 7.4 rating on IMDB and has already received over half a million ratings. In the film, Garner plays a mother who lost her family. Eventually, she escapes for five years and returns with vengeance. Jennifer Garner looks every bit the part of a woman who is seeking revenge.

In another action film, Peppermint, Garner plays Riley, a woman who wakes up after a brutal attack. During this time, she learns that her attackers are being shielded by the system of justice. She is then driven to revenge herself by channeling her anger and frustration into a drive to transform herself. Her goal is to become an unstoppable force. Although the film was only a modest hit, Garner’s role in the film highlights her talents as an action star.

In “Wrath of Man,” Garner stars opposite Jason Statham and Guy Ritchie. Jason Statham plays a former DEA agent who is married with a daughter. She falls for a sleazy ex-con and must fight back against his enemies.

Armored (2009)

Armored (2009) is a violent and suspenseful thriller that stars Jason Statham as security guard Patrick “H” Hill. He works for a company that specializes in transporting cash and valuables using armored trucks. However, one day, two guards are killed and a truck is robbed. As a result, H is hired to protect the company. When armed robbers break into his truck, he breaks protocol and shoots the robbers. This startles his co-workers and earns him a promotion.

Although there are some flaws in the film, it is a solid crime thriller. It has a strong action plot with thrilling scenes and realistic characters, but it also contains humor and a touch of style. The film features characters like “Boy Sweat Dave” and “The Man” that are a tad unlikeable, but it’s still entertaining and engrossing.

Unleashed (2005)

Unleashed is a 2005 action-thriller that stars Jet Li and Morgan Freeman. It was written by Luc Besson and directed by Louis Leterrier. The film was co-produced by Jet Li and Luc Besson. The film was shot on location in Glasgow, Scotland. It has a good plot and some fun action scenes. Whether you like action movies or not, Unleashed is an entertaining 90-minute watch.

The film has a unique approach to a kung-fu story with the inclusion of a dog as a main character. Danny, played by Jet Li, is a highly talented martial artist. He has been raised in captivity by his owner, gangster Bart. He uses him in illegal brawls to get the money he needs. Unfortunately, Bart is injured in an auto accident, so Danny must step in and save him.

Peppermint (2009)

The movie Peppermint (2009) is an action thriller starring Liam Neeson as a CIA agent, whose daughter is kidnapped in Paris. He uses the CIA network and his well-trained fighting skills to rescue his daughter. The film was well received by critics and is now a moderate box office success.

The film starts with a shocking incident that takes place when a pensioner falls from the top of a tenement building. The woman, played by Piroska Molnar, is an elderly actress whose husband reacts badly to the events. Her husband, played by Mark Wahlberg, is a crabby, prickly man who doesn’t care for the woman’s wishes. Fortunately, the woman is a trained martial artist and a savvy fighter, and she is able to survive the assault.

Wrath of Man isn’t the most original film from Guy Ritchie. The plot and execution are mediocre and it has little to do with Ritchie’s trademark style. Ritchie drops color from his previous films, but this shows that he has confidence in his work. This movie isn’t likely to be as popular as Ritchie’s other films, but it will likely be on the list of lesser-known crime films.

Without Remorse

Without Remorse is an action thriller based on the 1993 Tom Clancy novel of the same name. It stars Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Bell and is a good pick for action lovers who like thrillers based on Tom Clancy novels. The plot revolves around a US Navy SEAL who tries to avenge the death of his wife, but also uncovers a much deeper conspiracy. It is currently available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu.

If you liked Without Remorse, you’ll probably enjoy ‘The Sum of All Fears’, a remake of the 1991 Tom Clancy thriller. The film stars Ben Affleck as CIA analyst Jack Ryan, and also features John Clark in a pivotal role. While this version portrays John Clark in a different light than Wrath of Man, it still has the trademark Tom Clancy vibe.

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