Movies Like When a Stranger Calls

movies like when a stranger calls


It Follows

The film It Follows is one of the most innovative horror movies of the last decade. In this tale, a supernatural entity follows the victim until the person is dead. It draws its inspiration from John Carpenter’s films, but takes a different approach. It’s a unique thriller with a great soundtrack.

This 1979 thriller based on an urban legend stars Carol Kane and Charles Durning in the lead roles. Fred Walton returns as the director. The movie revolves around a babysitter, Julia Jenz, who is a victim of a terrifying stalker. She manages to get away with only minor injuries, but she is left scarred and emotionally broken. Seven years later, the killer tries to kill her again.

To find movies similar to It Follows, you can use the movie’s theme to help you narrow down your choices. These include horror films with similar themes, suspense, slasher, and home invasion themes. Horror TV shows are also excellent choices. Once you’ve found movies that you enjoy, you can start comparing them with the original.

The movie’s plot is simple, and the horror is intense. The movie follows the story of a psychopathic killer who terrorizes a babysitter. He returns seven years later to stalk his victim and kill his victim’s family. The caller makes repeated calls inside the house. This causes Jill Johnson to become fearful of her own safety.


Misery is a Stephen King novel adapted for the big screen by Rob Reiner. It revolves around the dueling dynamic between famed writer Paul Sheldon and his biggest fan, Annie Wilkes. The latter holds Paul Sheldon hostage after reading his latest book, insisting that he rewrite it. The book is widely considered one of the scariest books of all time, and the movie received the author’s stamp of approval.

High Tension

High Tension in movies can be a curious form of entertainment. For those who enjoy suspense, the heightened level of tension is often a cathartic release. This is true of movies like When a Stranger Calls. The storyline of the movie is simple enough, but it’s the climax sequences that keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

While it’s easy to spot high-tension films because of their spooky ambiance, When a Stranger Calls doesn’t have the same quality. Although the movie is full of spook moments, there’s only one truly terrifying instance. It also doesn’t make sense that Simon West is responsible for such a shoddy film.

When a Stranger Calls is a remake of a more famous movie. It is a classic no-frills suspense movie, building up to an exciting crescendo. There are no big surprises or jump scares, but there’s plenty of tension to keep audiences hooked.

Black Christmas

If you want a chilling ’70s slasher movie, look no further than Black Christmas. This sequel to Texas Chainsaw Massacre has mature themes and complex character work, and it feels even more potent today than it did 10 years ago. Whether you watch it on Netflix or on Blu-ray, you’re guaranteed to get shivers.

The original premise of Black Christmas is that the members of a sorority are thrown into a Christmas party where a stranger keeps calling. The women react in various ways: disgust, offence, and amusement. The movie stars Margo Kidder as a sorority member named Barb, who constantly gets strange, obscene phone calls. The calls are made by a killer who goes by the nickname Billy, which is a twisted play on a real-life persona.

Despite being a classic horror film, Black Christmas has been a remake of a similar film in 2006. The 2006 remake was more than a decade ago, and its subtlety works to its benefit. The film does lag at the beginning, but the film picks up in the second half. As with the original, the mystery surrounding Billy grows throughout the film, and you never know for sure what’s going to happen.

Like Black Christmas, When a Stranger Calls was a successful remake, but it stands apart in several ways from its source material. Unlike the earlier film, When a Stranger Calls, it is more of a crime drama, with Charles Durning hunting a maddening killer. His wife, Jill Kane, is uninvolved in the plot. The film even had a sequel, When a Stranger Calls Back.

Despite being released over a decade ago, Black Christmas still remains one of the most popular horror movies ever. The original movie starred Margot Kidder and Andrea Martin, and has become iconic. In fact, a number of films have based their stories on this storyline, with some variations of the original. Another classic horror film is When A Stranger Calls, which stars a talented cast and a great storyline.

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