Movies Like What Happened to Monday

movies like what happened to monday

What Happened to Monday is a sci-fi film that imagines a world where the government is in control and the average person fights back to reclaim their own power. The film follows the story of seven identical siblings who live under the same umbrella identity. In the world of What Happened to Monday, the government forcibly bans siblings from mingling and regulates the world’s population.


Nicolette Cayman’s film

Nicolette Cayman’s film like what happened to Monday falls into the action-thriller genre, but lacks any sort of thematic resonance. The plot is based around a couple of sisters who have lost touch with each other. One of them becomes pregnant and makes a deal with the government to sell out her siblings so she can get the money she needs to give birth to her twins. The film has great potential, and its two leading ladies are exceptional. But it quickly devolves into rote action mode.

The film explores the consequences of overpopulation and tries to address it, but does so with little thought. The film highlights the societal consequences of the suppression of individuality. In a dystopian society, the innate need to survive overshadows the need to find one’s own identity. In this situation, one sister even puts her own life on the line to make an independent identity.

As Monday’s twins grow, she is unable to cope with the responsibilities of motherhood. She bribes her sisters with a huge campaign donation, which she uses to rip off the identities of other sisters. The children’s lives are put in jeopardy when she tries to break free from this life.

In a twist at the end, the protagonists have to make a choice between their personal lives and the survival of the human race. Nicolette, played by Glenn Close, is convinced she’s saving the world by hiding the truth. But the consequences of her actions will be devastating.

Nicolette Cayman’s film like what happened to Monday is a fun action-thriller that explores some interesting themes. The acting, especially from Naomi Rapace, is impressive, and is comparable to Tatiana Maslany’s work in Orphan Black. Her performance as each sister is differentiated by distinct mannerisms. The film is also filled with unending moments of action, suspense, and drama.

Like what happened to Monday could have been a lot more disturbing. The sisters’ relationship is not rosy; one wants freedom, while the other wants to hide the truth. The sisters meet daily to stay updated on each other’s lives, but one is hiding something from everyone.

Noomi Rapace’s role in the film

Noomi Rapace is a high-profile, Oscar-nominated actress, and her role in movies like What Happened to Monday is not just a simple role. As the lead of seven identical twin sisters whose lives are intertwined, Rapace’s character is a multi-faceted character with a distinctive look. But she’s not the only actor to make a big impression on audiences with her role in movies like What Happened To Monday.

Noomi Rapace’s role in the movie is the star, and the movie is very entertaining. The storyline is intriguing and her acting ability is top-notch. However, her role is not as interesting as it could be, given that there are seven different characters to follow.

The actors who play the sisters are not very different from each other, and they are often stereotypical. But Noomi Rapace does a good job of bringing the characters to life with little more than small mannerisms. The characters are almost like cartoons, and Rapace teases out the difference between them with tiny flinches, small looks, and other details.

Noomi Rapace has become known for her extreme acting. She has even gone through physical pain for her roles. Her role in the movie “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” left her vomiting from pain. In movies like What Happened to Monday, she plays seven different roles. It’s no wonder that she’s become such a huge star. It’s not every day that we see a film star in multiple roles.

If you are looking for a sci-fi movie with excellent acting and a strong story, What Happened to Monday is a good choice. The cast is terrific, the film’s atmosphere is dense and well-choreographed, and the plot progresses smoothly. The film has many positive qualities, but it is a little slow at the start.

Noomi Rapace has also starred in several action movies, like Black Crab, and is a great choice for action movies. Her range is huge and her acting style is reminiscent of Sigourney Weaver.

Similar themes

What Happened to Monday is a dystopian science fiction movie set in a future world where a strict one-child policy is enforced. As a result, all septuplets share the same outward identity, and are forced to hide their true nature from the government and powerful people. The film portrays a world in which overpopulation is the number one threat to humanity. While the movie has several interesting themes, the story itself doesn’t quite reach its potential.

Ultimately, the plot revolves around a mystery. After a secret is revealed, one of the siblings is caught. In order to stop the situation from escalating, they hatch a plan to rid themselves of the other siblings. However, Monday is not a victim, but rather an antagonist. She has a dark side and is untrustworthy. She has ulterior motives, and the plot is based on her own self-preservation.

While What Happened to Monday has a spooky theme, it also has an intriguing sisterhood strand. While The Hunger Games and Divergent feature only female protagonists, What Happened to Monday has seven female protagonists. In this way, it juggles different genres at the same time.

What Happened to Monday is an action, crime and fantasy film. The plot revolves around a dystopian future and overpopulation, and there are elements of betrayal, investigation, and death. The film was shot in the UK and is a good choice for people who enjoy thrillers and suspenseful films.

What Happened to Monday is a very creative film with great acting. Its atmosphere is thick and the action sequences are beautifully choreographed. It also has a straightforward progression and contains few plot holes. Overall, What Happened to Monday is an enjoyable film that could have gone in a different direction.

‘Orphan Black’ has a similar premise: the idea of clones. In the BBC America series, Tatiana Maslany and Noomi Rapace play identical clones. While the show doesn’t give each sister much development, Rapace does an excellent job of making each character distinct.


What Happened to Monday is an intriguing and terrifying movie about siblings. Set in 2073, a dystopian society imposes strict rules for family size, freezing the lives of any extra children. One such group is the septuplets, who are kept by their grandfather. Each child is named after a day of the week and trained to behave like one person. However, one child does not behave like the other, and this causes problems for the other siblings.

Throughout the film, there are a few interesting themes. While what happened to Monday has many good elements, it also contains some problematic elements, especially in its villains. One of these is that it’s difficult to relate to all the characters. But that doesn’t mean the film is a complete waste of time and effort. The acting is terrific, and Naomi Rapace’s portrayal of all seven sisters is surprisingly good – on par with Tatiana Maslany’s in ‘Orphan Black’. The movie is also full of unrelenting action, suspense, and drama.

The story follows the twins’ development. The twins are born in an artificial womb. As the twins develop, Thursday and Tuesday’s parents rename themselves to protect the children. Tuesday renames herself as Terry, while Thursday becomes Karen. All of this leads to a tragic end for Monday.

Characters in movies like what happened to Monday have to face many challenges in their lives. The siblings have to face their fears and work together to overcome their obstacles. The storyline of the film is gripping and the characters are believable. The film has many nuances and layers of plot. While it’s a crime film, it’s a thriller that’s still quite entertaining and fun to watch.

The sisters’ relationship with their sisters is also an important part of the story. Although Karen is a fictional character, her sisters must work together to protect her. The sisters have to overcome their differences and overcome obstacles to save their mother and sister. However, this is not an easy task.

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