Movies Like the Lovely Bones and Prisoners

movies like the lovely bones

If you’re a fan of fantasy, thriller, and drama movies, you’ll enjoy The Lovely Bones. It’s directed by Peter Jackson and stars Mark Wahlberg, Rachel Weisz, Saoirse Ronan, and Susan Sarandon. The story centers on a young girl who was murdered and now watches over her family from purgatory. It’s a compelling film that will keep you on the edge of your seat.


Elizabeth Banks

Elizabeth Banks is a talented actress who has had many roles in film. She has been nominated for three Primetime Emmy Awards, and has starred in movies like the lovely bones and Pitch Perfect II. Her career has gone beyond acting and has expanded to television and video games as well.

The remake of “The Lovely Bones” is currently in development, but has been delayed due to its visual effects and final cut. The movie is based on the novel by Alice Sebold, and follows the story of a young woman who is the mother of a murdered girl. The cast also includes Susan Sarandon, Mark Wahlberg, Rachel Weisz, and Stanley Tucci.

Diane Lane

Fans of the ’90s may remember Diane Lane from movies like “Man of Steel,” “Wonder Woman,” and “Hollywoodland.” Lane had a smaller role than her super-powered co-stars, but she shines in a few brief scenes. However, her role is slightly undercut by the fact that she’s playing a disguised Martian Manhunter. Snyder’s darkly moody take on the DC universe is an opportunity for her to recreate the mood of the DC universe in a new way.

“The Lovely Bones” follows two brothers, one played by Matt Dillon and one by Mickey Rourke. The three of them are involved in a love triangle, and Lane plays one of the brothers’ girlfriends. Despite being a great match on paper, the movie was not a box office success. Still, it was an interesting movie to see.

Diane Lane’s career has evolved through many genres, including romance. In 1979, she made her screen debut in the George Roy Hill film “A Little Romance.” Since then, she has branched out into more modern films, including “The Lovely Bones” and “A Walk on the Moon.” Her most recent film, “Let Him Go,” is a slow-burn Western thriller that stars Kevin Costner and Diane Lane. It follows a middle-aged couple whose daughter remarries into a dangerous family. As a result, they investigate the new in-laws and uncover their depravity. In an effort to save their family, the couple resorts to desperate measures.

Another good movie that stars Diane Lane is “Under the Tuscan Sun.” Based on the memoir of Frances Mayes, the film follows a divorced writer who buys a villa in Tuscany. In this role, Lane is resigned, patient, and courageous. Her portrayal of Frances is compelling, as the movie reminds the audience to embrace the unknown and embrace the unfamiliar.

The film’s cast includes an impressive lineup of actors. In addition to Lane, Elizabeth Banks, and Dakota Fanning are also prominent. The movie has few action scenes, but the actors are very talented and the film is well-directed. The storyline of the movie is complex, and the performances of Diane Lane and Elizabeth Banks are well worth the watch.


“Prisoners” is a challenging work of cinema that asks the audience to question the supposedly heroic motives and goals of its characters. Its moral ambiguity is a constant threat and is not new territory for directors like Villeneuve. The film’s atmosphere is heightened by the music and the camera work of Roger Deakins.

The movie’s themes are also rooted in desperation. The central conflict is that a mother may be in danger of being abandoned by her own children. This is a common theme among horror films, and Prisoners explores this theme through a variety of different characters. In “Prisoners”, for example, the mother of a dying child has to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to save her son.

“Prisoners” is a crime-thriller starring Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal. The story revolves around a police officer named Keller Dover and a young boy named Joe. Both detectives are tasked with investigating a mysterious disappearance. However, the case has several layers. One is the case of a missing child; another involves the hunt for their missing father. In a case of suspected kidnapping, there is always the question of what line should be crossed in order to find a missing child.

“Prisoners” also explores the line between right and wrong through the complexities of its characters. Like “Prisoners,” “Mystic River” explores a similar theme: parents who are mercenaries for their children. The film also explores the role of a father when his daughter is murdered.

Whether you’re a fan of the series or not, “Prisoners” and “The Lovely Bones” both have thematic similarities and are well worth watching. The former is a supernatural crime drama set in the 1970s while the latter focuses on detective work. There were some critics who didn’t think “Prisoners” was a worthy film. However, it is a solid choice for any fans of psychological thrillers.

“Gone Girl” is another excellent film, based on a bestselling novel by Gillian Flynn. It stars Ben Affleck as a man searching for his daughter. Like “Prisoners”, “Gone Girl” also explores the effects of trauma on the individual.

What Dreams May Come

Those who like to see dark, gritty movies may be interested in What Dreams May Come, a 1998 movie based on the novel of the same name by Richard Matheson. In the movie, the titular character (Robin Williams) dies in a car accident but lingers on Earth. He wonders why he isn’t recognized by anyone. Eventually, he accepts his fate and moves on to Heaven based on the painting of his wife. Another movie with similar subject matter is The Prisoners. Both movies are fantastic, but both are quite dark.

A lonely landscape architect is swept away by the love story of a beautiful spirit. She is determined to find the woman who wrote the letter. Meanwhile, a married soldier returns from World War II to pose as the pregnant woman’s husband to save her from her father’s anger and honor. The film is a twisted romance about the afterlife. In an alternate universe, the recently-dead are examined in a court-like setting. In one of the movie’s most heart-warming moments, the character of a fading media mogul finds himself in love with the girl whom he has been examining.

Besides The Lovely Bones, the movie has been compared to other similar movies like King Kong, Heavenly Creatures, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Miracles from Heaven, and Heavenly Creatures. The film is produced by WingNut Films.

Despite its somber nature, the movie manages to make this story profound and moving. It makes the afterlife seem incredibly profound. The lovely bones, in particular, are very touching and affecting. They have made The Lovely Bones a favorite of readers and moviegoers.

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