Movies Like The House That Jack Built and The Night House

movies like the house that jack built

If you enjoy horror films and supernatural thrillers, you might also like to watch movies like The House That Jack Built. These films are about a family that goes on vacation and comes across a group of young serial killers. They plan to use the house as a way to make life more exciting, and then they decide to murder the family. The two daughters end up coming back to the house 16 years later.


Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity is a 2009 horror film that was so successful that it spawned several sequels. The film follows a young couple living in San Diego who are experiencing strange happenings. They begin to believe that something is haunting their home, and they start to investigate. After a night of paranormal activity, the couple decides to seek help from a paranormal investigator. The original film was followed by Paranormal Activity 2, and then several follow-ups, including Paranormal Activity 3.

While the movies usually used a comedic element, Paranormal Activity on the Silver Screen generally turned out to be the work of living people. In “Rick and Pamela’s Ghost,” for example, a married couple buys an abandoned mansion in England and begin to experience eerie happenings. They begin to hear the spectral sobs of a woman and hold a seance to reveal the identity of the spirit. The ending was surprising and shocking to moviegoers of the time.

The Night House

The Night House is a harrowing new film directed by David Bruckner. It stars Rebecca Hall as widow Beth. While many horror films end with the spirit damned to eternal sleep or dead, the ending of ‘The Night House’ seems to leave more questions than answers. Beth is in a state of fear, and her only hope is to find the spirit before it takes her soul.

Hall’s performance anchors the film, which is a stylish supernatural horror. It owes more to the Carnival of Souls than recent genre fare, but it’s an impressive mood-setter. It sets out to unsettle audiences from the opening frame. It succeeds at this task, offering some of the best audio jump scares of the year.

A key theme of ‘The Night House’ is grief. While Beth initially appears to be recovering from her divorce, her mental state is slowly deconstructed, revealing her incalculable pain for her husband Owen’s death. She spends her evenings watching wedding night videos and drinking alcohol. Beth finally attempts suicide, and her death is a visceral, raw moment.

At night, Beth was surrounded by an invisible spirit that seemed to be Owen. She mistook the spirit as Owen and followed it. Eventually, the spirit led her to a hidden “night house” on the other side of a lake. Throughout the house, she saw Owen trying to kiss a woman she recognized in the bedroom, and other women who were reminiscent of Beth.

Beth Hall, a high school teacher, lost her husband Owen, and is faced with the emptiness of her dream house. Her husband played an architect in the film, and his home sits in the Finger Lakes region of New York. It’s built around a private boat dock and has sleek wood surfaces.

Beth, a woman who has recently lost her husband, discovers many disturbing secrets about her late husband, including pictures of other women. She also finds books about occult traditions and a plan for a mirror-image of the house. Beth also experiences supernatural events in her house. She begins to see and hear a shadowy figure talking to her.

The Divine Comedy

One of the funniest films of 2018 is Lars Von Trier’s The House That Jack Built. Though the director isn’t exactly known for his comedic skills, he has always had his tongue in cheek, and this new film is no exception. While the film is satirical, Von Trier has made it clear that he enjoys giggling at literary works.

The House That Jack Built is a comedy that satirizes the ego trip mentality of serial killers. It also makes the protagonist a punchline, despite the fact that he is a mass murderer. While it might be a bit trite, the movie is funny and poignant at the same time.

The movie makes overt references to Dante’s Inferno, the famous poem by Dante Alighieri. Alighieri envisioned Hell as a place of rejected spiritual values, perverted intellect, and bestial appetites. While the dreadful experience of trudging through Hell may seem like a punishment, it is also meant to be redemptive. Von Trier’s film makes the point that the experience of suffering can be redemptive.

The House That Jack Built is a great example of filmmaking inspired by The Divine Comedy. It’s also a great example of filmmaking inspired by the work of Eugene Delacroix. This film is based on Delacroix’s “Barque of Dante” (1822). The film was triggered by the shipwreck of a French royal navy frigate.

The House That Jack Built is a great example of a movie that deals with the indifference of society. While the movie is about an ordinary man who makes his way through a chaotic world, it also addresses the indifference of a whole society. In a society where the individual is treated as a disposable commodity, maniacs may appear and attack.

Another movie inspired by the work of Dante’s Divine Comedy is The Good Place. The plot follows an analogous pattern of characters ascending from hell to paradise. Animated versions of the Divine Comedy include The House That Jack Built and Dante’s Hell.

The House That Jack Built

The House That Jack Built is a psychological thriller about Jack, a failed architect turned vicious sociopath. While he may be a poor designer, he sees his crimes as works of art. However, his lack of social skills prevent him from being an honest architect. His failure to find work makes him a dangerous and sadistic person who murders people for personal gain.

The House That Jack Built is an interesting and stylish movie about serial killers. It portrays the human mind and their frustrations in a very believable manner. In fact, the character played by Matt Dillon has a constant inner dialogue that has philosophical implications. The film is not just a good thriller, though.

Lars von Trier’s film is a disturbing story about a psychopath and his family. The cast includes Matt Dillon and Uma Thurman. This psychological thriller follows serial killer Jack Dillon over a 12-year period. The story takes place in a house in the United States. The film uses Dante’s Inferno as its metatext, and is structured as a series of flashback vignettes reminiscent of the Roman poet Virgil.

“The House That Jack Built” has many interesting elements, but it is hardly a masterpiece. While it’s enjoyable and thematically rich, the film is less focused than its predecessors. The final act of the film places Jack and the audience into the pits of Hell, which makes for an interesting philosophical exercise.

The House That Jack Built is available in both PG-13 and R-rated versions. The PG-13 version is now playing in theaters, while the R-rated version will be released in 2019. This version is four minutes longer than the PG-13 version. If you don’t want to see the full movie, you can watch the director’s cut.

While many people will be furious at the violence depicted on screen, this film shows the hypocrisy of victim blaming culture. The movie also makes it clear that these crimes do not take place in isolated instances. Rather, they are an expression of societal norms.

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