Movies Like the House of Wax

movies like the house of wax

A college friend and his girlfriend, Carly (Elisha Cuthbert), are headed to a school football game when they get a flat tire and need to find a mechanic. Their road trip takes them through a mysterious ghost town and into the eerie and spooky house of wax. The museum has all kinds of strange art on display, and the group soon finds itself being stalked by insane twin brothers who run the museum.


Horror movie

In this horror film, two college friends, Wade (Jared Padalecki) and Carly (Elisha Cuthbert), are on their way to a school football game when their car develops a flat tire. They decide to seek help at the local wax museum, which is spooky, abandoned, and filled with strange artwork. Soon, the group finds itself in danger of being hunted by the museum’s insane twin brothers.

Despite its PG-13 rating, this film is a gory slasher and contains graphic gore. It is similar to the 1953 Vincent Price film, though it’s not a remake. The movie has a few minor flaws. Among them, Paris Hilton’s terrible acting and an illogical climax.

Despite its lack of originality, the film is an effective film. Set in 1900s New York, the film has a period feel, as every scene is lit by gaslights. Moreover, the fire department responds to the scene with a horse-drawn wagon. When a prospective investor, Sidney Wallace, visits the wax museum, Prof. Jarrod flips a wall switch and it illuminates the exhibit. This scene is one of the film’s most terrifying scenes.

The House of Wax is a classic slasher that’s made even better by its technology. It pioneered the 3-D effect, which made the film one of the most popular horror films of the era. The film’s spooky setting was made by Vincent Price, who played the titular wax dummy maker. The film also launched the horror movie cycle. Its twisted story revolves around a deranged sculptor who uses his victims for bizarre experiments and installations.

The spooky wax models and creepy killers make the movie worth watching, despite some scenes that are clumsily shot. Vincent Price’s performance is impressive, and the supporting cast is strong as well. In addition to Price, the film features Charles Bronson as Henry’s assistant, who is super creepy. Meanwhile, Carolyn Jones plays the blond, pretty Cathy, while Phyllis Kirk plays sensible Sue.

In the beginning, the film focuses on Professor Henry Jarrod, a sculptor who works in wax, living in late 19th century New York. He is displaying his work at a wax museum, but his partner, Matthew Burke, is trying to push him into a more commercial direction. Jarrod protests, claiming that his work is an art and not a commercial endeavor. The two men eventually argue over the fate of the museum.


Slasher movies have many things in common. For one, they feature a killer in a mask, a group of horny teenagers, and gallons of corn syrup and red paint. In addition, they explore themes of intimacy, the invasiveness of physical violence, and the morbidity of killing.

There are many films similar to House of Wax. While this one isn’t exactly a remake of the original, it is still a great choice if you’re looking for a fun horror movie with a bit of a twist. One of the earliest slasher movies, it was a pioneer in 3-D. The film featured Vincent Price as a wax dummy maker. His performance set the stage for the slasher genre and launched a wave of horror films.

Slasher movies like The House of Wax are often rated PG-13, despite their graphic violence and gore. Slasher movies have long resorted to manipulating their explicitness in order to keep their ratings at a safe level. This is particularly evident in films like The Ring Two, which featured graphic butchery and sexual titillation. Despite this, House of Wax falls flat as a slasher movie, with its ill-conceived climax and lousy acting.

While the original House of Wax was a cult classic, the remake is a modern horror movie that fits the times in a gutsy way. It fits in with popular era themes, with a gore extreme theme and killers in dingy workshops.

Slasher movies like the House of Wax are often rated G or PG-13. If you’re looking for a good slasher movie, try watching “House of Wax” and “Tourist Trap” by Chad and Carey W. Hayes, who wrote both of these movies before achieving the fame that they have today.

Slasher films like The House of Wax are often good enough without 3-D. The film is set in old New York circa 1900. Each indoor scene is lit with gaslights. Moreover, the fire department responds with a horse-drawn wagon. In the first scene, a prospective investor named Sidney Wallace is taken on a tour of the wax museum. The character then flips a wall switch and illuminates the exhibit.


There are many different types of suspense in movies. One example is the House of Wax, a slasher film that features a traveling family being attacked by mutated cannibals. Another horror movie that features suspense is Wrong Turn (2003), in which a group of friends are pursued by three cannibalistic mountain men who are trying to kill everyone they know.

Another example of this type of suspense is the Mill of the Stone Women, an Italian horror film that borrows the House of Wax’s basic plot. The two films are very similar, albeit set in different time periods. Both films end with a battle and the waxwork pieces come to life. Both films feature notable cameos from famous actors, including Miles O’Keeffe and John Rhys-Davies. Another example of a supernatural horror film is The Howling, which stars Patrick Macnee as a young man who is forced to fight a monster that lives in the woods.


There’s no reason to keep horror films out of your kids’ minds. Many horror films have learned to tweak the explicitness just enough to get by with a PG-13 rating. Recent examples of such films include The Ring Two, The Forgotten, White Noise, Darkness, and Boogeyman. They all include graphic butchery and sexual titillation, but have a PG-13 rating. The House of Wax is no different. Paris Hilton’s poor acting and a clunky climax make the film feel like a PG-13 horror film.

While this film is not the most original slasher flick, it does have some charm. Even though the film has the basic elements of a slasher, it manages to pack enough terror to leave you clamoring for more. While the film is very similar to Sex and the City 2, it is definitely more creepy and Gothic.

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