Movies Like Sweet Smell of Success

movies like sweet smell of success

The plot of Sweet Smell of Success follows the ambitious publicity agent Sidney Falco, played by Tony Curtis, who is working hard to garner favorable press coverage for his clients. He also hopes to impress powerful newspaper columnist J.J. Hunsecker, played by Burt Lancaster. Falco accepts Hunsecker’s offer of work, but his ambitions ultimately lead him to betray his boss. As a result, he gets himself into trouble with the police and even attempts suicide.


Film noir

Film noir is the genre of old-school detective fiction that depicts a twisted and often perverse world. In these films, the protagonists are often disillusioned misfits who fall into a world of deception and corruption. Most of the characters were cynical and dishonest, and their main motive is to advance their own interests above anyone else’s.

Film noir movies like Sweet Smell of Succeed have a reputation for being extremely unsettling. These films typically feature a cast of characters, a slew of surreal scenes, and two long tracking shots. These films are often set in the late 1930s, and they often draw inspiration from the era that was at the end of World War II.

Sweet Smell of Success was not the first film to feature a femme fatale. Many of these films were adaptations of short stories by Ernest Hemingway. During this time period, melodramas were extremely popular with American audiences. These films inspired cinema for decades to come.

Another important aspect of film noir is its representation of New York City. Although most noirs are set in New York, many of them are set in any city. The dark, gloomy streets of any city are a natural representation of the darker recesses of a person’s soul. A New Yorker takes pride in owning more than other people. And this is reflected in the manner in which he approaches the world.

Another important aspect of the noir genre is the gender roles. This film is often underrated but explores issues of postwar disenchantment. It also has one of the best femme fatales in film history, played by Theresa Russell. Despite the fact that she is very sappy, she still manages to take control of the situation.


If you like the way that characters in movies like Sweet Smell of Success are corrupt and driven by their desire for fame, you’ll enjoy this movie. The film is full of energy and motion, and it disfigures classical principles. The dialogue is sharp and incisive. For example, Hunsecker says, “I love this dirty town,” which highlights the man’s power. In another instance, he calls Falco “a cookie made of arsenic.”

The character of Walter Winchell is based on real-life people. The journalistic writer and radio personality was one of the most powerful men in mid-century Ameria, and had a nasty streak that ended up breaking his daughter’s engagement. In addition to the characters in the film, the director James Wong Howe’s gorgeously shot scenes capture the ambiance of New York during the Mad Men era. Smokey nightclubs like 21 and busy diners are all part of the picture.

“The Sweet Smell of Success” was released in 1957, and was a controversial film. Some people saw it as a thinly veiled attack on Walter Winchell, arguably the most influential gossip columnist in the United States. Winchell died in 1972, but the film’s sharp-edged satire remains a classic.

The film is filled with witty dialogue, and it’s a great example of a classic noir movie. The movie stars Burt Lancaster and Tony Curtis as a couple of New Yorkers. Both men are highly successful and have their own agendas. The plot revolves around how the characters handle their relationships with their clients.

The movie also has a strong point of social critique. Its writers make a statement about the state of society and the city as a whole. This type of society feeds a vicious cycle that destroys lives and livelihoods.


Films like Sweet Smell of Success are classic examples of how cynicism can serve as a catalyst for great storytelling. This classic film is based on a newspaper article, and it thrives on cynicism and dirty wit. The script contains more memorable one-liners than any year’s worth of modern movies.

The film is also a classic noir, and Falco is the consummate hothead noir hero, relishing the danger and seeking the limelight. But the cynicism of these characters is not entirely unexpected. Cynicism in films like Sweet Smell of Success can be as ironic as the film’s title. The characters in these movies aren’t always the most sympathetic, and they are often innocent victims of injustice.

The characters in Sweet Smell of Success are not exactly sympathetic, and they often have shady relationships. Despite their cynicism, the film is a highly entertaining film. It reminds me of “Dangerous Liasons,” but it is much more slickly directed. There’s a good amount of suspense throughout, and Burt Lancaster’s performance as J.J. Hunsecker is excellent.

Cynicism in movies like Sweet Smelt of Success is a dark and sometimes unfunny look at show business. Starring Burt Lancaster and Tony Curtis, the film takes a dark slant on the publicity game, and features two iconic characters – Burt Lancaster as a ruthless press agent and Burt Lancaster as an unprincipled mudslinger.

Dirty wit

The use of filthy wit in movies like Sweet Smelll of Success is a classic example of Hollywood satire. Although contemporary audiences may miss the barbed meaning of the title, viewers of 1957 would have understood it as a pun on pungent feces. “Sweet” is a synonym for ripe, and “smell” is a synonym for a pungent odor. The title is also a pun on “success,” since both terms can refer to pungent feces.

Cinematic satire is a hallmark of David Mamet’s work, and Sweet Smell of Success is no exception. The movie was released at a time when the Golden Age of Hollywood was dying. It was a radical departure from the traditional Hollywood formula, defying the media moguls and the capitalist powers of the time. But despite its unlikely Hollywood roots, it is worth noting that many films were a bit more risky and have since become enduring cinematic treasures.

While Sweet Smell of Success is an extreme example of Hollywood’s use of filth, it is also a timeless classic. It demonstrates the ruthless, unrelenting, and sometimes devious ways that a society can function. The movie depicts the dark side of show business, politics, and Broadway. The film was made during an era when television personalities and newspaper columnists held sway over the nation.

While the era of film noir is fading into white, Sweet Smell of Success has continued to maintain its dark and seductive style. It was shot on a soundstage with sets elevated two feet above the floor. A pot smoked underneath, and actors were instructed to light it. The scenes were filmed at dusk and dawn, and lasted about fifteen minutes.

Craving for fame

Films that explore the quest for fame have become increasingly popular this year. From Oscar-winning dramas to hard-hitting documentaries, the year’s top films explore fame from different angles. From the high life to the low, these films explore the human desire for fame. While some movies are purely sensational and aimed at mass audiences, others aim to evoke an emotion in viewers.

Craving for fame often reflects the search for recognition and validation of one’s self-worth. However, the constant public scrutiny can cause a star to lose focus on the things that are important. Fame also carries with it the risks of becoming addicted to narcissistic gratification, and becoming dependent on public approval. Moreover, the rush of public adulation can be followed by negative emotions, which are symptomatic of withdrawal. Moreover, a yearning for one’s past glory can be a self-defeating preoccupation with the past, or a coping mechanism to deal with life after becoming famous.

The study looked at the extent to which different types of people crave fame. While the narcissistic individuals tended to seek fame primarily for the recognition that it would bring, those with heightened social anxiety sought fame for the social worth it promised. These people often sought fame because it provided a safe haven from their social anxieties.

Craving for fame is a universal human desire. Everyone dreams of becoming famous. If they could just be famous, everyone would know their name and face. And even if their dream were a reality, they would have the opportunity to make other people happy. However, being famous will make it difficult to remain true to one’s artistic vision.

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