Movies Like Over the Hedge

movies like over the hedge

If you’re looking for family-friendly movies, you may want to check out movies like Over the Hedge. This film follows a family of forest creatures who are about to awaken from hibernation. They’re hungry and confused. But when they see a mysterious hedge, they’re taken aback.


Despicable Me (Universal)

Universal has opened Despicable Me (Universal) Minion Mayhem, a computer-animated simulator ride, at the Hollywood and Florida theme parks. It is also coming to Beijing, Japan, and Singapore. There are currently four locations for the ride, and it is expected to open in Singapore very soon.

The Despicable Me film franchise is the most successful animated film franchise in box office history, grossing more than $3.7 billion worldwide. Currently, there are three films in the series. The latest movie in the franchise, Minions (Minions), has earned over $1.5 billion worldwide. The movie is set to release a third installment in 2017. There is a ride featuring the Minions at Universal’s Orlando theme park.

Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem was originally 3D, but the theme park removed the technology in 2016. The attraction will now be in 2D. Universal Orlando has not confirmed the conversion, but it is likely to happen in the coming months. If you’re planning a visit to Universal Orlando, make sure to check out the new attraction.


Coraline is an unusual children’s movie that explores the concept of alternate dimensions. Coraline discovers an alternate world where everyone has buttons for eyes, but she gradually realizes that something sinister is taking place. It is up to Coraline to face her demons and make it back home.

The film is a stop-motion animated adaptation of Maurice Sendak’s 1963 children’s novel, with an ensemble cast including Bryan Cranston, Edward Norton, and Scarlett Johansson. The movie grossed $64 million at the box office and was nominated for two Academy Awards. The film is considered PG, but some viewers might find it a little frightening. The creature designs are scary and the film’s atmosphere is very unsettling.

Coraline received mixed reviews from critics, but it was still a critical success. The film cost $30 million to make and grossed more than $120 million worldwide. Critics praised the film’s impressive visuals and talented voice cast. It also received multiple nominations for the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.

While the movie has a few unsettling scenes, the overall tone and imagery of the movie are still a delight. Despite the dark tone, the film is a fun way for children to experience the dark side of reality. If you are looking for a dark and creepy movie for your child, Coraline is a great choice.

In addition to Coraline, there are several other family-friendly movies you might enjoy. One of them is The Boxtrolls, which was made by the same production company that made Coraline. This stop-motion movie features a stop-motion version of a traditional fairy-tale. It also stars Michael Keaton, Geena Davis, and Helena Bonham Carter.

“A Series of Unfortunate Events” is another fun film that will make you laugh. The film is an adaptation of Roald Dahl’s classic children’s novel. The story follows the titular Matilda as she struggles to navigate her school and home lives while discovering her powers. The film has a huge fan base and made $33 million at the box office. It was also praised by Roger Ebert for its “absurdity.”

Another great movie is “Spirited Away.” This movie was made on a small budget but grossed $395 million at the box office. It is considered a cult classic and has been hailed for its stunning visuals and enchanting story. It was awarded the Oscar for Best Animated Feature. Like Coraline, this film is fun for children.

Monsters vs. Aliens

There are many movies out there that mix monsters and aliens, but Monsters vs. Aliens is a great example of a mash-up. While the film doesn’t break the mold, it is funny and has a few laugh-out-loud moments. It’s a fun, family-friendly movie with characters that fans of both genres will enjoy.

The story revolves around an effort by the President of the United States to make first contact with an alien robotic. The robotic destroys everything in its path, forcing the President to send the monsters to fight back. With the promise of freedom if they succeed, the monsters accept the mission. They chase the alien robotic through a city before getting stuck on the alien robotic’s foot. They then go on to lure the robotic to the Golden Gate Bridge, where Missing Link knocks him out.

In the movie, a weatherman named Susan Murphy is married to Derek Dietl, a weatherman. However, a meteor hits her on her wedding day and she mutates into a 49-foot-tall monster. She is taken by the government, where she meets other monsters like B.O.B., Insectosaurus, and the Missing Link. The movie ends with her surviving the ordeal by helping to save the world from an alien invasion.

Over the Hedge is a funny, animated, adventure, and comedy movie. While it is a mash-up of many genres, it does feature a talkative animal protagonist, a forest-themed setting, and friendship. These themes are all a great combination in a movie like Over the Hedge, which you can find on Disney+, Netflix, and Amazon.

Hammy’s Boomerang Adventure

If you’re looking for a fun family film, Hammy’s Boomerang Adventure is a good choice. The family-friendly animation has plenty of fun extras, including an interactive set-top game, pop-up animal facts, and printable activities. The DVD also features a commentary track with co-directors Tim Johnson and Karey Kilpatrick and producer Bonnie Arnold.

Despite its name, this animated film features several memorable characters. A rottweiler, opossum, and a cat are just a few of the animals featured. While some kids may find the premise of this movie predictable, others may find it endearing. In addition, the zany humor of Hammy’s Boomerang Adventure is infectious.

The film’s audio track is also a highlight. The DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 lossless soundtrack is full of high-intensity sound effects. While the score is fun and exciting, it is also surprisingly loud, with RJ beating a vending machine and an exterminator’s growls. While the sound track is largely upbeat, there’s little natural ambience in the quieter wooded scenes. Still, it does find moments of ambient noise in the neighborhood.

The film follows the adventures of a group of woodland animals in the springtime. The cast includes Steve Carell as Verne, Garry Shandling as Verne, and Wanda Sykes as Stella, the girl who gets the “Stella” makeover.

While the film lacks the potential to be a great animated film, it is still fun. The film also avoids many of the common pitfalls of modern animated movies, like pop-culture references and easy gags, and instead focuses on a more character-based comedy. The movie’s material is well-suited to its plot, and its moments of comedy are well-motivated by characters and situations.

The film also features a classic cartoon character from the Loony Toons, RJ. His con artistry and caper-movie antics convince him to explore the woods and eventually snag a wagon full of Girl Scout-like cookies. This is the beginning of Hammy’s addiction to these cookies. This obsession inevitably leads to a series of adventures as the woodland creatures steal food from the human community, hoping to score some cash.

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