Movies Like Man on Fire

movies like man on fire

The 1987 action thriller Man on Fire was based on the 1980 novel of the same name by A. J. Quinnell. Written by Elie Chouraqui and Sergio Donati, the film stars Scott Glenn, Jade Malle, and Joe Pesci. The movie is directed by Tony Scott and is a fun watch.

Broken Denzel

While Denzel Washington has starred in a number of iconic films, “Man on Fire” may be his most underrated. The movie was directed by Tony Scott and is based on a 1980 novel by A. J. Quinnell. It stars Denzel Washington and Dakota Fanning, but it failed to earn big box office returns when it was first released. However, it is still one of the most important movies Denzel has ever made.

“Man on Fire” stars Denzel Washington as a paraplegic NYPD forensics expert. While he spends most of the movie immobile, his character is complex, angry, and committed to his work. In the end, he finds meaning in his quest for revenge.

“Man on Fire” is Denzel Washington’s first Academy Award nomination. The film stars an ensemble cast, and Denzel plays a hard-ass. He played the same role in the theatrical version. In his early acting, Washington demonstrated the charisma of a leading man, as well as the melancholic terror of a great screen villain. In addition to his dazzling performance, Denzel Washington is also capable of playing a role that makes the audience laugh.

“Man on Fire” is more than just a suspenseful crime drama. It is also a love letter to New York, and it is a powerful demonstration of Denzel Washington’s range. The film follows troubled NYPD detective Keith Frazier as he tries to secure the release of a number of hostages. Its flashbacks of freed hostages are also a powerful element of the movie.

The movie “Man on Fire” is a revenge story with a lot of violence. The film features a suicide, and it depicts the victim in blood. The film teaches the viewer that revenge is often brutal and vengeful. The movie isn’t for everyone.

Denzel Washington is a gifted action actor who is always on-screen. His powerful performances are memorable and command every square inch of the screen. He is also known for his memorable dialogue. This is just one of the many reasons why his movies are so popular. But if you are looking for a dazzling Denzel Washington performance, check out “Man on Fire.”

“Man on Fire” is a classic Denzel Washington film, and it helped make him a star. The film also featured some touching scenes between Washington and Fanning. He plays Fanning’s bodyguard in the movie, and the two actors shared a lot of chemistry in the movie.

“Man on Fire” is a tense, suspenseful drama with themes of revenge, vengeance, and vigilantism. It also features the theme of justice. In addition, this action drama is set in the United Kingdom and Switzerland. It was filmed on location.

“Man on Fire” was released in 1987 to mixed reviews. The film’s plot revolves around two previously-existing properties. The original novel was written by A. J. Quinnell in 1980, and a similar film starring Joe Pesci was made in 1987. The movie was originally slated for Tony Scott’s direction, but the studios rejected the project due to his perceived incompetence.

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