Movies Like Man on Fire

movies like man on fire

If you like movies that are a little bit different from the norm, you may want to check out Movies Like Man on Fire. This is a thriller that is full of action and danger. It has an acclaimed cast and is one of the most well-received films of all time.


Safe House (2012)

Matt Weston is a CIA agent who has been cooling his heels in an inactive post in South Africa for the last year. When Tobin Frost, a turncoat operative, arrives at Weston’s safe house to get a debriefing, mercenaries attack and the duo narrowly escape. Now, Weston and Frost must work together to figure out who is after them.

The film has elements reminiscent of hard-boiled action movies of the 1990s. For instance, the camerawork of the action scenes is reminiscent of Tony Scott’s assassin thrillers, such as Enemy of the State and Man on Fire. It also shares some similarities with the Jason Bourne movies, and the editing style is similar.

As the film opens, Matt Weston, a young CIA agent, is maintaining a safe house in Cape Town. He’s also witnessing a violent heist involving a veteran agent, Daniel Kiefer. Vargas’ men attack the safe house and only Weston and Frost survive. The pair escape and reunite with Frost in a remote location, where they fight off mercenaries and find a way to survive.

“Safe House” is a rollicking chase movie that’s also very well-acted. The performance of Denzel Washington is particularly strong. The mystery surrounding how Weston and Frost became the men they are today is an added bonus. While “Safe House” is a fun thriller, it’s best viewed in theaters. It’s not as action-packed as some other movies in the genre, but it’s a worthy watch.

The climax of the film occurs when Weston learns that Frost had been hiding the safe house from his superiors. He is accused of selling his secrets to the Mossad, which is why the CIA accuses him of selling secrets to the Israeli intelligence. As Weston investigates, he realizes that his superiors may also be involved in such transactions.

Post-apocalyptic tale

One of the most well-known and well-received post-apocalyptic tales is The Year of the Flood, by Margaret Atwood. In this story, the world is overrun by fungus, and only a 10-year-old girl with an IQ higher than average survives the destruction. She must fight to protect her IQ from scientists. This book has been adapted into a movie.

The post-apocalyptic genre has become increasingly popular since the rise of dystopian and YA literature. Books like The Hunger Games series have spawned a whole new market for dark and dystopian fiction. The series is so popular, it has almost as many 5-star reviews from YA readers as it does from older readers.

The story begins with an outbreak of “white blindness,” and the authorities are doing their best to isolate the victims in a mental hospital. A criminal element is also holding them captive. The story then goes on to chronicle the rebuilding of civilization after a devastating event.

A post-apocalyptic world is typically a nightmare scenario in which humans must adapt to a new environment. Many of these films have an existential question at the heart of their plots. Often, the characters face a difficult decision, such as whether or not to live a second life or die trying to save their planet.

There are several causes for the end of the world, including nuclear war. However, the end of the Cold War has shifted this scenario, and now is less likely. The most common scenario is plague, but the author also has to contend with a missing Cosmic Keystone, a global pandemic, or a supernatural disaster. An invasion by aliens is another popular scenario.


If you’re looking for good action thriller movies, consider watching some of these classics. The 1987 action thriller Man on Fire is a great example of this genre. It was directed by Tony Scott and based on a novel by A. J. Quinnell. Starring Denzel Washington, it is a gritty, fast-paced film about a CIA officer who goes on a revenge spree after his girlfriend is abducted. The film also features Christopher Walken, Radha Mitchell, Giancarlo Giannini, and Marc Anthony.

In Assassin movies like Man on Fire, the main character is an assassin named Jason Bourne. This fictional assassin has a very strict code of honor and a unique talent for eliminating his targets. To become the best in the industry, an assassin must possess the perfect combination of skill and detachment.

Assassination thriller

If you love thrillers set in Mexico City, you’ll love Like Man on Fire. The story centers around a former assassin who swears revenge on the family he was hired to protect. The film’s underlying message is one of redemption and revenge.

International spy

The international spy is an archetypical hero in movies. The genre is perfect for spies, and audiences are ready to line up to see these fictional people prevent international catastrophes. The genre is brimming with secrets, suspense, and sex, three elements that never go out of style.

This fast-paced thriller follows the life of a dangerous international spy. Sam Rockwell stars as Chuck Barris, a former game show host who’s claimed to be a CIA assassin. He must find a way to complete his final mission before he can get home and spend time with his family. Meanwhile, Hanna (Saoirse Ronan) trains to fight a mysterious CIA agent in order to protect her father. But before she can learn the truth, she must face the final test of her training and the final battle that awaits her.

The Parallax View is a must-see movie for anyone interested in spy cinema. It’s full of action and suspense, and the themes of justice and kidnapping will appeal to anyone looking to change the world. The movie’s tense tone and intense plot will make even the most reluctant operatives want to join the spy agency.

James Cameron surpassed the great James Bond with this action film. The filmmaker threw every gadget he had at his disposal onto the screen, and the sequences have never been better in terms of suspense and spectacle. The movie features a bathroom slugfest, a handheld transfer from a falling limo to an pursuing helicopter, and a blazing horse-versus-motorcycle chase to the roof of the D.C. Marriott. The pyrotechnic climax of this movie is unmatched in Hollywood.

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