Movies Like Enemy of the State

movies like enemy of the state

If you’re looking for a spy movie that’s similar to enemy of the state, you’ve come to the right place. This 1998 film directed by Tony Scott and starring Gene Hackman and Will Smith is fast-paced, entertaining, and brimming with 90s Hollywood influences.


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If you’re looking for movies like Enemy of the State, you’ve come to the right place. This drama and action movie stars Will Smith and Gene Hackman. It isn’t the most original film, but both actors are charismatic. If you like this type of movie, you might also like these other similar movies.

The movie is set during the Clinton administration, and it’s not just about the CIA or the NSA. It’s about the CIA catching an international spy, and it’s also about the CIA’s surveillance. There’s also a spy element in the movie, and it also has a political theme.

Another great movie like Enemy of the State is “The Day of the Jackal”. This film is set during the Cold War and stars Jon Voight, Gene Hackman, and Lisa Bonet. This thriller is very similar to Spy Game and The Hunt For Red October, and it has a similar theme.

The movie has a high IMDb score. The IMDb rating is based on the votes of movie users. The website also rejigs votes to balance the votes, although IMDb doesn’t say how it does this. Men make up over 70 percent of voting users, which means that films with male leading actors tend to get higher scores.

The IMDb score is a good indicator of the quality of a movie. The IMDb score is a measure of general audiences’ opinion, and Rotten Tomatoes gives a more granular picture of the quality of a movie. However, the binary nature of IMDb’s ratings may oversimplify critics’ opinions, making it difficult to judge a movie’s quality by its IMDb score alone.


Movies in this genre often feature criminals who are seeking power. Whether they are pursuing a life of crime or are in the business of gambling and liquor, these criminals often want to control a city. They may also be looking to climb the ranks of a family or gang. This often leads to violent action scenes.

In the world of cinema, genres are useful in categorizing movies and make it easier for viewers to find the movies they like. This does not mean that the movies in a genre are necessarily bad or of lower quality, however; genres are simply a way to help you find the movies that interest you the most.

While many movies are similar to Enemy of the State, not all are created equal. Some are more action-packed than others. A conspiracy thriller like Twelve Monkeys is a good example, although the lead character is more ambiguous than Smith’s. Other films similar to Enemy of the State include The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, which centers on an investigative team trying to rob a nefarious organization.

Other movies in this genre can be classified as thrillers, action movies, and adventure movies. Other genres include neo-noir, war, and crime movies. A film noir is a film that focuses on crime. These movies feature a specific cinematography and editing style.

Another popular genre is spy movies. The protagonist of these movies works under an assumed identity. The goal of the protagonist is to find the object of evil and destroy it. The protagonist will usually face a psychological conflict in order to overcome this obstacle. The action in these movies mainly revolves around the protagonist’s inner struggle with his or her identity.

Similarity to a spy movie

Enemy of the State is a thriller movie that uses the thriller genre to take on our surveillance society. The plot revolves around a Washington, D.C. lawyer who has proof of a congressman’s murder. The film stars Gene Hackman and Will Smith and is directed by Tony Scott. The film is fast-paced and has some 90s Hollywood influence.

There are many movies that are similar to Enemy of the State, including The Day of the Jackal, Eastern Promises, Frailty, and Get Out. Enemy of the State is also similar to The Conversation, a 1974 spy film starring Gene Hackman. Both movies feature intelligent scripts and exciting action moments.

The movie has raised many eyebrows, particularly among NSA workers. While Tony Scott and Jerry Bruckheimer visited the NSA, they refused to allow the agency to vet the script. The NSA did not provide any production assistance to Enemy of the State, but the CIA provided technical consulting for the film.

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