Movies Like End of Watch

movies like end of watch

Movies like End of Watch are nothing new, but they combine old ideas and create something new. If you enjoy these kinds of movies, I’d recommend checking them out. You’ll be glad you did. Here are some examples: Ambulance, Hush, and Unstoppable. All of them are excellent and worth seeing.



Ambulance is a new thriller from director Michael Bay. The film features a wounded EMT and a massive score. The film has Michael Bay’s trademark fast pace and action, and is a worthy addition to the action thriller genre. Whether you enjoy Michael Bay’s previous work, or you’re a first-timer, you’ll enjoy Ambulance.

Though Ambulance is not a remake of End of Watch, it shares the same premise. The characters are trapped in an ambulance during a high-speed chase. The suspense is high, and there is a satisfying ending. It loses steam near the end, but overall, Ambulance is a worthwhile watch.

The plot is similar, but Ambulance is more violent. In both films, authorities chase robbers. The film has some very intense action sequences, and a few laughs. The characters are fun to root for, and there are some likable elements throughout. However, you should be prepared for strong language and violent sequences.

Ambulance is a remake of the Danish movie Ambulancen. The story is similar but is a little bit more fast-paced than the original film. Both films have a frantic pace, and the plot centers around a sped-up car or train. The ambulances are driving through a dangerous area, so it’s not surprising that they feel the tension.

Whether you prefer action movies or a more intimate drama, End of Watch is sure to entertain. A young couple who works as street cops has their hands full. However, they face the dangers of a Mexican cartel who wants them dead. The gang is after a pregnant woman, which is Mike’s soul mate.


“Hush” is an extremely effective thriller. It centers on a deaf-mute writer named Maddie who finds herself stuck in a situation that is both terrifying and bizarre. It is a great example of creative directing and storytelling by Mike Flanagan. The suspense is high and the film is a fast-paced thrill ride.

The film is well-directed by Mike Flanagan and features a very limited cast. However, the movie suffers from several plot holes and is derivative. Only one scene in the film offers much originality. It depicts a bloody showdown between the protagonist and the assailant, but it does nothing to radically transform the home invasion genre.

Hush is a low-budget home invasion thriller directed by Mike Flanagan. Kate Siegel, who has starred in numerous horror movies, stars as a deaf horror author. She co-wrote the script with director Mike Flanagan. During the film, she tries to keep the masked man at bay. Like in the first two movies, every move she makes is crucial.


If you like action thrillers, you’ll likely enjoy Unstoppable. The film follows the exploits of two railway employees who are sent to stop a rogue train. One of the employees, a young recruit, must work with a grizzled veteran who is angry about being pushed aside by the company’s management. The tense relationship between the two characters is clear throughout.

Unstoppable is an action movie that can be tedious at times, but has a lot of potential. The premise involves a drug injection and antidote, and the stakes are high. However, it’s far from being as good as End of Watch or Crank (2006). While it does have its moments of brilliance, Unstoppable’s biggest flaws prevent it from being a good movie.

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