Movies Like Daddy’s Home

movies like daddyampamp39s home

Movies like Daddy’s Home are feel-good, humorous and uplifting films. There are several related films to choose from. Use this list to find more similar films. These are ranked by similarity. These films are perfect for a day off or a night out.



The Mexican film “Canela” tells a story of a young girl’s passion for cooking, grief, and intergenerational love. It explores the contrast of traditional cooking versus modern, and the pain of grief. It also explores the themes of childhood and intergenerational love.

McFarland USA’s Canela

“McFarland, USA” is a movie about a community that is surrounded by poverty. This community is the epitome of America’s underclass. McFarland High School is the home to the McFarland High Drillers. The community is very proud of their football team, and they accompany the team to the state championships, sometimes beating the more well-known schools. Director Niki Caro wanted to include more of the community’s faces in her film.

The community was predominantly white when Jim White started coaching cross country at McFarland High School in the mid-1980s. He taught a variety of subjects at several grade levels. Jim White coached for 23 years before retiring. Interestingly, the film pushed the year Jim White joined the team to 1987, the first year California had a state championship.

The story is based on true events, which took place in rural California. While the town had very few amenities and even a prison, Jim White and his family moved there and hired a coach to help the team. The movie has a few mature themes about class and the struggle of a Latino student to break the five-minute mile. While the movie includes a knife fight, it also teaches lessons about respect, teamwork and perseverance.

The movie is a classic underdog story. It’s about a young, disadvantaged community. Kevin Costner plays Jim White, a high school PE teacher, who comes to McFarland, California to help. He sees that the high school has potential for athletics. So he forms a cross-country team and gives the kids a chance to feel like champions.

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