Match the 2021 Hallmark Christmas Movie Poster To Its Title!

That’s A Wrap!

We came, we saw, we laughed, we cried, and now the Hallmark 2021 premiere event of 41 new holiday movies is behind us.
Hopefully, your emotional tank is filled with enough Christmas cheer to last you until at least Christmas in July, if not beyond into the 2022 holiday movie season.
Some of you have said you are sufficiently sick of Christmas movies from a possible overdose, while many of you are sad to see our favorite time of the year already drawing to a close.  It went by quickly!
The good news is Hallmark airs one Christmas movie per week throughout the year on both the Hallmark Channel and Movies & Mysteries, and for some, this is an I.V. drip of happiness that keeps the heart at its merriest all year long.
Plus, if you haven’t already joined our Hallmark Movies-Christmas Magic Facebook group, then we would love to welcome you into our cozy community where we keep the yule log burning 365 days a year.  Join us!
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What was your favorite 2021 Hallmark Christmas movie?  Share your thoughts in the comment section!
Now, for a little extra fun, here’s a Hallmark challenge for you.  With all the Christmas movies dancing like sugar plums in your head, can you match these 2021 new movie titles to their corresponding movie posters?  Yes, so many of them look alike!  Not to worry:  if you’re reading this, you are a huge fan, so you’ve got this!


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