Hallmark’s Write Before Christmas: Do You Send Christmas Cards?


Image:  Crown Media, USA LLC

Starring:  Torrey DeVitto and Chad Michael Murray

Released:  2019

Summary:  A recently single woman sends out Christmas cards to those who have impacted her life.


Do You Send Christmas Cards?

It seems less and less people send Christmas cards.
It’s much easier to post a greeting on Facebook and tag all your friends or just stick it in your feed and hope everyone sees it.  Maybe you send an annual update letter to those on your mailing list, or a simple photo card from Walmart.
Digital communication is such a paradox–it connects people from all over in an instant.  It is so accessible, yet completely isolating, shallow and devoid of intimacy.
In Write Before Christmas, Jessica recaptures tradition when she sends handwritten notes in her cards to the five people who have made the biggest impact on her life:  her brother, the aunt who raised her, a singer from a boy band, her former music teacher, and her best friend.
Her recipients are moved and inspired by her words.
Do you send Christmas cards?  If so, do you just sign your name, repeat the same generic greeting in each one, or do you take the time to personalize them?
I keep a file of all the cards I’ve received over the years that hold meaning for me.  My collection includes notes my grandma sent me in college, encouraging blessings from my mom, love notes from my hubby, sweet messages from my kids, and faith-filled words from a Christian mentor.
Sending Christmas cards you painstakingly pen messages in, tailored to your recipients, is ultra personal and warm.  Yes, it takes an inordinate amount of time, but you are investing in people.  They will be more likely to keep your card over the ones that only include a signature.

Double Take  

Does anyone think Jax (Drew Seeley) from the boy band, and Luke (Chad Michael Murray), the love interest, look anything alike?
Drew Seeley:  Twitter


Chad Michael Murray
At one point, I was confused why the hero was both in a boy band AND a photographer until I realized they were two different men.
Admittedly, I wasn’t curled up under my Sherpa blanket on the couch for this one, but was busy gift-wrapping.  Clearly, I was easily distracted.

Any Teachers Out There?

Teachers make an indelible imprint on kids.  One of Jessica’s handwritten notes lands in her former music teacher’s mailbox.  Mrs. Miller is so moved, she insists her son, Luke, deliver her own cello to Jessica as a gift.  This is the final boost Jessica needs to overcome her feelings of inadequacy to audition for the Chicago Heritage Orchestra, where she scores the substitute second chair.

Who knows if Mrs. Miller’s influence explains why Jessica’s occupation is in a music store, Strings & Notes?

What teacher influenced you the most?

I still remember mine–my middle school English teacher.  After having him in sixth grade, he moved to the eighth grade where I had him again.  I loved the subject already, but he demanded a lot from his students.  He fully immersed us in the study of grammar, diagramming, and literary analysis.  At the end of my eighth grade year, I wrote him a letter thanking him for the impact he made on my life.  He was very moved.

I majored in English Education in college and was fortunate to do my field hours in his classroom.  When everyone in my college grammar class was failing or barely holding onto a D, I was pulling an A+.  The professor was astounded and asked why it was easy for me and so difficult for everyone else, and I explained I had the most amazing English teacher twice.

To this day, I still love writing, and I attribute it to the power of his influence.  So, for those couple people out there who make negative cracks regarding me writing about Hallmark movie themes instead of just kicking back with popcorn, I blame my former teacher who taught us to always dig deeper.

Thank you, teachers, for all you do to help your students reach their full potentials!


Have You Ever Built A Snowman?

Living in Ohio where snow is ample most years, I never considered people exist who have never built a snowman (song from Frozen plays in head).

Private Angie Dawson is from Florida, and when she lets Carter (Jessica’s brother) know she has never built one, except out of mashed potatoes, they not only build one together, but have her first snowball fight.

He also makes her a cute snowman out of oranges in the mess hall.

Are you one of the unfortunate souls who have never built a real snowman?  Let’s hope you aren’t scarred for life!

Power of A Song

Music is very moving.  One of Jessica’s letters end up with Jax, famous for his group’s one-hit wonder, Luv U On Xmas, due to the meaning that song had to her at one point in her life.

Are there any songs for you that provide the soundtrack for your life?  Share in the comment section below.

Most Unbelievable Move Moment

Luke is roped into a blind date with budding actress, Leslie.  Remember the scene?  She asks Luke to rehearse lines with her, and she gets so into her part, she ends up yelling in the cafe and creating an enormous scene before she flounces out and leaves.  She has the gall later to ask him to take head shots for her publicity file.

My Rating      

IMDb gives this movie 3 1/2 stars out of five, and that seems like an accurate assessment.

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