Hallmark’s “Switched for Christmas”–Is the Grass Greener?

Starring:  Candace Cameron Bure, Eion Bailey, Mark Deklin, and Natasha Bure

Released:  2017

Summary:  When estranged twin sisters get together, the two realize their envy for each other’s lives, so they decide to swap places to learn how the other half lives.

"Switched for Christmas" starring Candace Cameron Bure
Image:  Crown Media, United States LLC


The Grass Is Never Greener On The Other Side

What’s better than Candace Cameron Bure starring in a Hallmark Christmas movie?  TWO Candace Cameron Bures playing in a Hallmark Christmas movie!  It’s twice the fun for Hallmarkies to see one of our favorite Hallmark stars assuming a double role, and Candace never disappoints!  Plus, Candace’s daughter, Natasha Bure, co-stars!
Candace Cameron Bure's daughter, Natasha Bure, stars with her in Hallmark's "Switched for Christmas"
Candace’s daughter, Natasha Bure, co-stars as her on-screen daughter, too!
Kate Lockhart and Chris Dixon (Bure) are twins who have grown apart, especially since their mother’s death.  They might look alike, but they are polar opposites when it comes to interests, lifestyle, and personal flair.
Kate, the city girl, is envious her sister can wear comfy clothes and not be alone, since she’s divorced with two children.  Kate works all the time or else she might miss having a family at home.
On the other hand, Chris is envious of Kate’s glamorous lifestyle.  She has an elegant apartment, beautiful clothes, and a high-powered position in a real estate development company.
Both women are in charge of planning Christmas events in their respective fields.  Kate has to plan the company Christmas party from scratch, when she’s not a huge fan of Christmas, and Chris has to plan the annual Winter Wonderland event in Littleton, sponsored by the school where she’s an art teacher.
Since Winter Wonderland never changes from year-to-year, Kate says she could coast right through it.  Chris would love having the creative license to try new ideas for Kate’s party that her principal always vetoes.
The two sisters decide to swap lives until after each Christmas event, but it’s far from smooth sailing.
A new student arrives in Littleton from California, and his dad surprises the school with a hefty donation to give Winter Wonderland a long overdue makeover.  Kate wrestles with the need to make the event classy when townsfolk prefer the annual festivity to be family-friendly.  Not only is she stressed by the party planning, she’s exhausted by the demands of motherhood, and she has to forego her usual healthy juice diet.  She’s happy seeing more of her dad, wearing comfy clothes, living in a cheery house, spending time with her niece and nephew, and sharing company with an unknowing old flame; however, she realizes Chris’s life and work is much harder than she thought.
Natasha Bure not only is Candace Cameron Bure's daughter, she gets to play her daughter in Hallmark's "Switched for Christmas"
Image:  Crown Media
Chris is delighted to ditch her mom-wear in exchange for her sister’s glamorous wardrobe and tap into her creativity to plan the company party.  Unfortunately for her, an important client surprises her with a visit, and thanks to bluetooth technology, she averts a disaster as her sister supplies her with all the right answers.  Chris is stressed her party plans might be too small-town for this classy bunch, but everyone ends up having fun.  The best part is she finds romance in the process.
Both sisters learn a valuable lesson–no one has the perfect life.  Ups and downs are part of life.  Regardless of who you are, your financial status, your career path, or your family, we all contend with good and bad.  If you envy celebrity lifestyles, you might be surprised to find you are the happier person.

Adults Can’t Relive Childhood

When Kate and Chris were kids, they would occasionally switch places for fun or for a specific situation.  No one was ever hurt.  It was child’s play.
As adults who know better, both women realize it’s no longer a safe game.  Despite their innocent intentions, their choices affect the lives of others, particularly Tom and Greg, and compromise their integrity.
As a viewer, did you grimace a little as you watched their white lies impacting those closest to them?

At least Chris gives her children a heads-up, even though Aunt Kate tries to dupe them!  When romantic entanglements surface, both women are slow to come clean.

Honesty is always the best policy!

Eion Bailey stars with Candace Cameron Bure in Hallmark's "Switched for Christmas."


Mark Deklin stars with Candace Cameron Bure in Hallmark's "Switched for Christmas"
Images:  Crown Media

Ode To Motherhood

Which character did you relate to the most?  Kate or Chris?

Did you notice how much parenting changes one’s perspective?

Kate might work a lot, but her time is her own to do with as she pleases.

On the other hand, once Chris is done working at school, she has kids who need her.  That means cooking, cleaning, laundry, letting her appearance go, and little time for herself.

Parenting is wonderful and rewarding, but it requires personal sacrifice and trains us to be less selfish and self-centered.

As a side note, Chris complains her kids spend too much time on technology, as many parents do, but I would argue this is the fault of parents.  Just because our culture has become more technologically advanced does not mean we should allow our children unfettered access to screen time.  It’s very unhealthy and destructive.  If this is something you wrestle with as a parent, check out the article, 5 Reasons Parents Should Limit Screen Time and How to Do It.

Available on DVD!

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