Hallmark’s “Love You Like Christmas” Fictional Location & QUIZ!!

Released:  2016
Summary:  A busy executive with no time for love or the holidays is forced on a detour to a Christmas-loving town, where she may find what she’s been missing.
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Has Hallmark Ever Featured YOUR City?

Hallmark movies typically feature someone from the big city finding themselves in a small town where they find love and the true meaning of Christmas.
The mostly American cities where these stories come to life are are often shot on location in various parts of Canada, but have you ever found yourself saying, “I live near that town!”
The “big cities” one of our leads strays from often include New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and Nashville–some of you might call these places home.  What about you small town folk–have you ever seen your area fictionalized by Hallmark?
Although it’s a 2016 release, I just watched Love You Like Christmas for the first time during Hallmark’s Christmas in July 2020 celebration.  The setting is Ohio–my state!  Hallmark doesn’t just make a passing reference to Ohio, however, but they even show a map so the viewer can see where “Christmas Valley” is located.
Hallmark puts “Christmas Valley” in place of Walnut Creek, Ohio.
FYI–Christmas Valley is not a real Ohio town.  On Hallmark’s map, it’s nestled between Sugarcreek and Charm, towns that do exist.  Hallmark substitutes Christmas Valley in place of Walnut Creek, Ohio, which is part of Ohio’s Amish Country–my old stomping grounds!
Fun Fact:  Sugarcreek, Ohio, features the world’s largest cuckoo clock!
If you want to travel to a place that encapsulates small town cozy, like Hallmark does in every movie, then plan a trip to Ohio’s Amish country.  Between “Christmas Valley” and Berlin is Ohio’s largest, year-round Christmas store, ‘Tis the Season.  It’s my happy place!
Ohio’s year-round Christmas shop is a stop you don’t want to miss when in the heart of Amish country.
Have you ever watched a Hallmark movie and realized the fictional location is your home town?  If so, share the name of the movie and your town in the comment section!

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