Hallmark’s “Gingerbread Miracle:” What Would You Wish For On Your Cookie?

Gingerbread Miracle Plot Summary

Two old friends from high school work together over Christmas to sell his uncle’s Mexican bakery, famous for its magical gingerbread cookies that grant wishes.
Starring:   Merritt Patterson and Jon Ecker
Merritt Patterson and Jon Ecker in Hallmark's "Gingerbread Miracle"
Image:  Crown Media


Christmas Magic Is Always A Crowd Pleaser

Luis Casillas is ready to sell his bakery.  Since his wife died, the magic has disappeared from the gingerbread cookies. Luis keeps baking them, but wishes aren’t coming true.
Alex is grateful to his aunt and uncle for putting him through college so he can have a good life as an attorney, but the problem is he’d much rather be working in the kitchen.  When Alex starts baking the gingerbread cookies, the magic returns:  Gabe receives a hockey scholarship, Sydney is discovered and given an opportunity to pursue photography, and Jake gets to keep his dream bakery.
As in EVERY Hallmark plot, the secret ingredient that creates the magic is love.  Just think back to The Baker’s Son that was released earlier this year.
A wish, however, is just figuring out what your heart really wants.
If someone gave you a magical cookie, what would you wish for?  Share your wish in the comments! 

Trouble Understanding Any Of The Dialogue?

This movie has a distinct Mexican flair.  I don’t know about you, but I struggled to capture some of the dialogue when characters would slip into speaking Spanish words so fast I couldn’t understand them.  But, you know, DIVERSITY! At least we can be happy the Casillas family are actually LEGAL immigrants.
Surprisingly, the story includes that Spanish celebration, Las Posadas, or the reenactment of Mary and Joseph’s journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem in search of lodging as they await the birth of baby Jesus.  Shock:  Hallmark actually says “Jesus” in the script!  Yes, He is the reason for the season, but Hallmark avoids spiritual references like the bubonic plague.  It is refreshing to see the source of the Christmas celebration finally recognized.

What Do You Think Of Jon Ecker As A Leading Man?

Merritt Patterson is a natural and can generate chemistry with any actor Hallmark pairs with her.  It’s a good thing because Jon Ecker, eye candy that he is, barely cracks a smile the entire movie and delivers every line in a monotone.
What’s up with that?
Did Santa force him to take the role or else risk being placed on the naughty list?
Regardless, aside from the typical flour throwing in the kitchen that no one in real life does, this is a fun movie because it captures the magic of the holiday season.
Hallmark's "Gingerbread Miracle"
Image:  Crown Media

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