Hallmark’s “Christmas in My Heart” Is More Focused On Race Than Good Storytelling

Christmas in My Heart Summary

Violinist Beth returns home after the recent death of her mother and tutors the daughter of a reclusive country music star to prepare her for the upcoming holiday concert.
This movie stars Heather Hemmens, Luke MacFarlane, and Maria Nash.
Hallmark's "Christmas in My Heart" is racist.
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The Focus On Diversity Overshadows The Story

Hallmark continues to make diversity a priority over good storytelling, which means their virtue signaling has transformed once wholesome movies into RACIST programming.
Christmas in My Heart is the most racist movie Hallmark has produced to date.
It’s apparently taboo for two people of the same race to fall in love in a Hallmark story these days.  Beth (Hemmens) is biracial because her dad is white and her mom, now deceased, was black.  Sean (MacFarlane) is white, but his wife, also conveniently deceased, was black, and he has a black daughter.

When it comes to our own relationships, this hodge-podge of diversity isn’t relatable.  Real life doesn’t look like this for most of us, no matter what race we are.  Hallmark insists on forcing the issue, almost as if they are penning scripts based on Critical Race Theory curriculum–something most people are against.
What’s worse is Hallmark uses a young girl as a tool to promote their left-wing ideology.  Katie (Nash) initially wants her hair slicked back for her concert because that’s the professional way players on the Internet wear their hair.  Grandma encourages her to be herself and braid or corn row her hair, and she ends up letting it bush out like a Chia Pet.
Image:  Crown Media
Grandma Ruthie even reminds Sean that before his wife died, Katie was noticing how her mom and dad looked different from each other.  Well, duh.
One reason Katie bonds so quickly with Beth is because Katie doesn’t see any violinists who look like her.  Could Hallmark be any more racist?  Beth even supplies Katie with the craft materials to make her own black angel, as if society has been robbing her of this opportunity.
Hallmark forgets the iconic and wise statement of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. where he acknowledges people should be judged on the content of their character and not the color of their skin.
Katie is looking for a role model, but Hallmark is saying we can only look up to people who look like us.  Funny, I thought a role model could be any color.

Woke Hallmark CEO, Wonya Lucas, continues to destroy the Hallmark brand because she clearly views life through a racist lens.  Lucas prefers to ram a political agenda, which we’re all trying to escape, down our throats.  No wonder so many Hallmark fans are migrating to Bill Abbott’s #GAC Network where the mantra is #StoriesWellTold.

Cringe-Worthy Moment

We all love Luke MacFarlane, but as many fans have gently pointed out, he’s a talented cellist–not a singer.  It is almost cruel that Hallmark makes him belt out an empassioned country song when it’s clearly not his strong suit.

Let’s hope Hallmark will realize they are self-destructing and turn the ship around before it sinks.
Luke MacFarlane in Hallmark's "Christmas in My Heart"
Image:  Crown Media
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