Christmas on My Mind QUIZ!!!

Starring:  Ashley Greene and Andrew Walker

Released:  2019

Summary:  After a woman gets short-term amnesia from a bump on the head, she returns to her hometown in Maine for their annual Christmas celebration and finds love.

Image:  Crown Media


So Much for Unconditional Love!

Lucy Lovett (Greene) is engaged to Brad Martin, but after bumping her head, her mind rewinds two years, and she thinks she’s marrying her ex-boyfriend, Zach Callahan (Walker).
Brad tries to be understanding when he learns Lucy doesn’t even remember him, but it’s clear he’s miffed.  He postpones their wedding until things get back to normal, but then within a week or so, they break up.  So much for unconditional love!  If Brad can’t even give her enough time to recover, he certainly isn’t prepared for sticking by someone “in sickness and in health.”

Why Aren’t Lucy and Zach Together?

Lucy assumes if she and Zach are no longer an item, she must have been the one to call it quits.  She inserts herself back into her hometown and Zach’s life, hoping something will jar her memory.
Despite getting together with Zach numerous times, it remains a mystery why they are no longer together, and Hallmark drags the secret out a……..very……….long……..time.
I’m a direct person.  The second I realized I was no longer engaged to Zach, I would have point-blank asked him, “Why did we break up?”
Of course, when Lucy or Zach attempt to broach the subject, they are interrupted a thousand times.  Regardless, many of us would have quickly circled back to the crux of the issue immediately following the disruption.
The big bomb shell finally comes–Zach had been the one to end their relationship.
That’s it?  After a herniated wait, that’s all we get?  Big whoop.
There was no scandal or cataclysmic event that ruined their relationship–it was simply that she became too consumed with her work.  As in every Hallmark romance of this nature, Zach “didn’t want to get her in her way” or “hold her back.”

The Jilted Woman

Meanwhile, Zach recently moved on and is dating Morgan.  Morgan keeps catching Zach with Lucy, and this apparently doesn’t set off alarm bells.
If your significant other was spending an inordinate amount of time with his ex, wouldn’t you be asking questions and at least mildly flipping out?
Insane jealousy doesn’t exist in Hallmark land.
When she can’t convince Zach to go away with her for the weekend, Morgan advises him to sort out his feelings for Lucy.  They cordially break up, and everyone goes on their merry way.
If only real-life relationships were that simple!  No crying.  No catty retaliation.  Just a big smile to accompany the pleasant good-bye.
Image:  Crown Media

Hit the Reset Button

You have to love how Hallmark allows life resets.  In reality, we have to deal with the consequences of our choices (good and bad), and we have to pick up and go on from there.
With Hallmark, life can be reset back to when things were perfect.
Lucy decides to move back home where it all began, and she plans to reestablish the art education program she had eliminated from her business plan.  She and Zach are still in love, so they proceed with their lives together as if they were never apart.
The answer to fixing everything is just a small case of amnesia. 
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