Check Out Hallmark’s “Check Inn to Christmas”

Starring:  Rachel Boston and Wes Brown

Released:  2019

Summary:  A lawyer goes back to her family’s inn near the Rocky Mountains for the holidays, and she finds herself caught in the middle of an old feud with a rival inn.  However, both families must unite to save their inns from a chain resort.

Image:  Crown Media


Same Story, Different Twist

Hallmark has bombarded us with movies where our leading couple must unite to save X from Y.  The variables change, but it’s the same story–save the town, save the family business, save the program, save the tree lot from the corporate takeover, the real estate acquisition, the shiny new business in town…..
In Check Inn to Christmas, two rival inns risk losing their century-old businesses when a chain resort, Edgestone, targets Crestridge, Colorado’s, overlooked and underdeveloped properties.
Wes Brown and Rachel Boston star in Check Inn to Christmas. Image: Crown Media


When Eddy agrees to sell his pub to Edgestone, the Mason and Crawley families must put their feuding aside and go into business together.  They buy Eddy’s strip and make plans to transform it into a luxury resort of their own, while still offering original charming lodging at their respective inns.
Here’s the twist–Check Inn to Christmas is like the Hatfields and McCoys meet Romeo and Juliet.  The story contains a grudge about land AND star-crossed lovers, all stemming from family rivalry.  It still works, and since it’s Hallmark, no one dies.

Overdose of Christmas Cheer

Hallmark movies would be just an enjoyable without Hallmark going overboard on celebrations that don’t exist in most towns on such a grandiose basis.
Check Inn to Christmas includes:
  • Snowball Toss
  • Bake-off
  • Wreath Making
  • Dance
  • Business Lights Contest
  • Toy Drive
  • Trivia Night
  • Making Gift Baskets for the Troops
Check Inn to Christmas includes copious amounts of holiday cheer. Image:  Crown Media
Hallmark must be in another time dimension because most of us can’t work, spend time with our families, attend to our adult responsibilities, AND find time to go to a town activity every other second!
Copious amounts of hot chocolate are also consumed daily.  Does anyone in real life drink that much hot cocoa?  Since most people gain an extra five pounds during the holidays, wouldn’t most of us confine our sugar intake to Christmas cookies and more substantial treats–the important stuff? If I’m going to drink a sugary beverage, it’s going to be in a wine glass.  Who’s with me?

Familiar Faces

Did you recognize a couple older actors in the movie who were once sort of a big deal?

Richard Karn plays Julia’s dad, Tim Crawley.  Karn is best know for his role as Al Borland–Tim Allen’s straight man in the 1990’s hit comedy, Home ImprovementThis time around  he gets to play a “Tim” character who is highly competitive and strives to out-do the Masons on the outside decorating.

It’s also more than a little ironic that Karn is a former host of Family Feud, since Check Inn to Christmas is all about families feuding!

Image:  Crown Media

Tim Reid assumes the role of Julia’s boss and is most beloved for his role as Venus Flytrap on the 1970’s hit series, WKRP in CincinnatiHe played a DJ hired to help a radio station switch from easy listening to Top 40 rock-and-roll.

You may also remember Reid for his part in the 1980’s detective series, Simon & Simon where he played Lieutenant Marcel “Downtown” Brown.

Tim Reid-Image:  Pat2

Some stars vie for cameo rolls in hit TV shows, and it’s considered an honor to be cast.  For example, The Big Bang Theory invited a multitude of big names to star during their 12 seasons:  Stan Lee, Mark Hamill, William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Bob Newhart, James Earl Jones, Carrie Fisher, Adam West, Buzz Aldrin, Bill Gates, and many more.

It remains to be seen if older actors on Hallmark are there because they want to be a part of this popular niche, or if it’s the only job they can snag at this point in their careers.

Did Anyone Else Notice?

No matter how much I love these movies, I can’t help but notice certain aspects that make me want to say, “Seriously, Hallmark?”  Check Inn to Christmas is no exception.
  • Whether the movie scene is in the Mason’s inn or the Crawley’s, you never see any guests.  Since it’s the busy tourist season, one would presume guests would be coming and going in large numbers.  The only time we notice any guests floating in the background is during the Christmas morning breakfast at the Crawley’s.
  • If you’ve ever attended a Christmas gathering, be it a work party, church service, family meal, or event, the majority of attendees wear something festive, typically red.  When Julia enters the dance venue in her beautiful red dress, she certainly stands out (undoubtedly the goal) because everyone else is wearing black, or the darkest green or purple possible.  Only two “extras” are wearing a splash of red, and it is very muted.  This would never happen in reality.
Looks like a cozy place to stay!  Image: Crown Media

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