A Godwink Christmas: Meant for Love–Did It Make You Cry?

Starring:  Cindy Busby and Benjamin Hollingsworth 

Released:  2019

Summary:  Multiple coincidences and a chance meeting bring two strangers from very different family backgrounds together for a weekend wedding celebration.

Image:  Crown Media, United States LLC


This One’s A Tear-Jerker!

A Godwink Christmas: Meant for Love stands out among the 2019 Hallmark holiday releases because it is based on a true story.
Maybe that’s why it touches the heart and causes the eyes to start squirting.
Alice Marina is running the retail store her dad and uncle founded as young men, fresh off the boat from Italy.  She tries to preserve their dream and legacy, but her heart isn’t in it.  She craves connecting with people, listening to their stories, and helping them through difficult seasons of her life.
When Alice meets Jack Totah, he inspires her to follow her dreams of becoming a therapist.
Just as romance begins to bloom and Jack prepares to accept a promotion so he can live in Minneapolis near Alice, she receives bad news from the doctor–she has multiple sclerosis.

Alice breaks it off with Jack, citing a feeble excuse.  Jack had taken care of his 13-year-old brother who died of a brain tumor, and he lost his parents two years prior in a car accident.  Alice doesn’t want to be a burden, and she doesn’t want Jack to worry about losing her, too.Jack, by coincidence, encounters Alice’s cousin, Mickey, who spills the beans about her condition.  Jack passionately vows to be with Alice every step of the way, and it all ends happily.

In real life, Alice actually became a therapist, had a child, and continues, with her family’s support, to manage her M.S.


A Life-Altering Diagnosis

We all know what it’s like to wait on news from the doctor:  Is it cancer?  Will I need surgery?  Did I lose the baby?  How much time do I have?
Maybe you’ve never personally experienced the symptoms, the tests, the waiting, but you probably know someone who has.  It is a nerve-shredding ordeal.
Imagine finding your true love, only to discover you have a debilitating disease.  It’s a lot to expect of someone to stick around when they have no obligation to you. Many would run the opposite direction at the news, but Jack doesn’t.  It says a lot about his character.

Are Godwinks Real?

Yes! Godwinks are divine “coincidences” God arranges to help people and bring them hope.  We used to call it “divine intervention.”
Why does God delve into the details of our lives?  The answer is simple:  He loves us!  He created us.  He knows us, and  He has a great plan for our lives.
Have you ever experienced a Godwink?  You probably have, even if you didn’t realize it.  Too often, we dismiss these unique experiences as mere coincidence or chance when it’s really God orchestrating a miracle.
In the movie, we learn Jack’s uncle had been the young boy on the boat headed to America who befriended Alice’s uncle and father.  This really happened!  Can you imagine?  Alice’s uncle Charlie lost track of Nabeh once they arrived in the U.S., but 50 years later, their respective nephew and niece get together.  The odds are too slim for this to happen on its own.  God is sovereign!
As if this unlikely reunion isn’t enough, Alice and Jack met attending a wedding 500 miles away of their cousins!  This family came together like a zipper!

Anyone Notice This?

It is laughable to watch Alice’s large Italian family interact and meet Jack’s uncle, Nabeh, who is Middle Eastern.

The real-life photo at the end clearly depicts ethnicity–dark hair, dark eyes, dark skin.  Yet, our movie cast is blonde and white with no accents.  The love story and awesomeness of Godwinks transcends race, but you would have thought Hallmark would either assemble a diverse cast to accurately depict the Totah family, or give our our all-American cast different names, like John Smith or Bob Jones.

As for Olga Marina, is it normal for a mom to burst into her daughter’s residence as often as Alice’s mom does?  She might be sweet, but she’s a snoop!

Hallmark, Take Note!

Hallmark would be wise to develop more future original movies based on real-life stories.  They are inspiring and far more moving and believable than the status quo.

Did you know author Squire Rushnell has a series of books featuring real-life stories on the Godwinks people have experienced?  He even has a Christmas one titled Godwink Christmas Stories:  Discover the Most Wondrous Gifts of the Season.  It looks like a great read and the perfect gift for Hallmark Christmas movie fans!

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