1000 Lb Sisters Season 2 – 123 Movies Series Review

1000 lb sisters season 2 123 movies

‘1000 lb sisters’ is a new sitcom that focuses on the weight-loss struggles of the Slaton sisters. These sisters are both morbidly obese, and struggle to lose weight while trying to start a family. They have visited doctors and tried several different diet plans and exercise programs, but nothing has worked.


‘1000 lb sisters’ focuses solely on weight-loss struggles of the Slaton sisters

Season 2 of 1000 lb sisters is a 123 movies series that follows the struggles of the Slaton sisters in their battle against obesity. The show’s plot follows two sisters, Amy and Tammy, who have tried and failed to lose weight. They both have different motivating factors and different obstacles to overcome. Ultimately, the sisters’ battle with obesity is a personal and family issue.

Amy Slaton has married and plans to start a family, but her life is complicated by her sister’s plight. She has to help Tammy move from one place to another. The series, similar to My 600-lb Life, follows the sisters’ weight-loss journeys, and it’s interesting to see their transformations.

The Slaton sisters’ weight problem is so severe that they want to undergo bariatric surgery to help them become more normal. The sisters’ weight is making it difficult for them to carry out normal tasks, such as getting dressed or carrying groceries. They are attempting to get pregnant but cannot do so because they can’t perform normal activities.

The first season of 1000 lb sisters followed Amy Slaton as she lost 50 pounds, and her sister Tammy gained 50 pounds. They now live on their own, although they still live next door to their sister and brother-in-law. Amy has been able to lose over half of her weight, and she feels much more confident.

They are averaging over a thousand pounds

The 1000 lb sisters are a pair of overweight sisters who are trying to lose weight. They each weigh more than a thousand pounds and are nearly bedridden. Their personalities and weight-loss journey is very amusing. You’ll be rooting for them and hoping that they’ll succeed.

The show is based on the true story of the two sisters. They are both obese and have different reasons for losing weight. Amy Slaton, the lead of the show, wanted to lose a thousand pounds in order to have a child. Her doctor told her that her ovaries weren’t working properly because she had too much fat on her body. The weight loss journey was a challenging one, but she was determined to succeed.

They struggle with eating disorders

Tammy Slaton has struggled with her weight for years and has gotten so far that she is now battling an eating disorder. The actress blames her fans for not being loyal to her diet plan and has released revealing videos on TikTok about her weight loss journey. But fans aren’t the only ones holding Tammy Slaton back from pursuing her dream of becoming a mother. Her weight has climbed to over 600 pounds, and she has been rejected from bariatric surgery.

They have been to a number of doctors to try to lose weight

Since the show’s premiere, Tammy and Amy have been to several doctors to lose weight. Amy has lost more weight than she did in season 1, but the weight regained is troubling for her family and her health. She is expecting her second child and has been preparing for the big event for a long time. However, she is facing some health issues that she must take care of before she can have a baby.

In the second season of the show, Tammy has been to a variety of doctors to help her lose weight, but nothing has worked. Although she has lost some weight, she is still significantly larger than she was when the show first began. In season one, Tammy was 608 pounds, while her sister Amy was 400 pounds. While Amy had already decided to get healthy, her sister has remained the same size as she was when the show began. The show is currently airing Monday nights on TLC.

While many viewers believe that Dr. Now can help Tammy lose weight, her previous physicians have had trouble convincing her to stick to their diets. Despite being a harsh critic, Tammy’s previous doctors have said that she lacks commitment to diets.

The new season of the show focuses on the sisters’ struggles to get back to a healthy weight. After years of battling obesity and food addiction, the sisters are determined to get healthy again. The show will air on TLC in December 2019.

While Tammy is determined to follow in Amy’s footsteps, she is faced with a setback. Her relationship with her boyfriend, Jerry Sykes, ended abruptly after he fed her unhealthy food. After the breakup, Tammy went to rehab due to health reasons.

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